If you connected the "dots" formed by the stations in a normal person's

life - school, then work, then vacation, then work, then vacation, then

work - they would form a single unbending line - the same line that would

eventually wrap around their necks and CHOKE THEM TO DEATH! The sheep

keep marching forward into the slaughterhouse, each one neatly placing

their hooves into the prints left by their fathers and mothers, and their

fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers ...


On the other hand, to examine the life-path of a weirdo may yield a line

not much different! College, then work, then college, then work; the

leather bar on Tuesdays, the sauna on Fridays, praying to Satan on

Saturday ... the same pattern, the same ritual, the same unbroken line.

At best, it may curl back into a circle, leading the weirdo to create kids

just as dead-end and hopelessly angst-ful as him/herself.


But now we come to the ones who see the dots of life as a game of

Twister! Now they're in school, now they're at work, now they're living

in the tunnels under the city, now they're selling software for a

multi-million dollar company, now they're BURNING DOWN THE SCHOOL! Now

they're spending their money, not on "sensible" clothing or "wild" leather

gear, but on whatever strikes their fancy at that monent - cacti, sheet

aluminum, prairie squid T-shirts, live tropical roaches ...

And to follow the dots, of those people, as they dance and leap and twist

through life, every footstep seemingly at a total random relation to all

other footsteps, is to see a pattern.

To see the Pipe.

To see the Grin.

To see the Eyes.

Yes, the dots in the life of the SubGenius add up to - "BOB"!!

Praise "Bob"!

- The Irreverend Friday Jones

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