GOD indeed does NOT forgive thank you very much! Do YOU think He will

forgive me for reading usenet when I'm supposed TO be writing AN essay

ON Ezra Pond's Coanto XVII?




Ya know why? It's COS God ain't the namby pamby pansy ass you all seem

to think he is... no INDEED! He's a space DEMON, the very DEMIURGE the

king OF this world! I'm sick of you all slandering His NAME with your

pathetic DRIVEL... I'm lucky this REALLY GREAT punk rock comp I got in

the mail today from Actionboy 300 Records (Ground Rule Double,

available $10 post. paid from ACTIONBOY300 RECORDS; PO Box 14471;

Chicago, IL 60614 "Where it's okay to like Weezer" TRUST ME you'll

thank me later, if not PREVIOUSLY... in which case you can DISTRUST me

now IT'S all THE same TO me!) is keeping EVERY OUNCE of "Bob" given

Slack from THE very pores of MY face!


JHVH-1 is a vicious, mucus dripping space alien who's been on a

Sorceror's Apprentice Mickey Mouse Jag for the past COUNTLESS MILENNIA!

He's fizzucked izzup BIGTIME and is desperately trying to CLEAN UP HIS

ACT before the Elder Gods wake UP and decide to take it OUT on His ass!

That's right, ole' whitebeard himself borrowed THE keys to daddy's

universe AND smashed it into a METAPHORICAL tree (He was wigged on

METHAMPHETAMINES, you SEE!) And now he has to figure out a way to get

it fixed up before they get home from UNCLE NYARLATHOTEP'S place like

in a third rate episode of DIFF'RENT STROKES, the plot of which was

ripped off from SMALL WONDER! Either he get's it fixed and repainted,

or he figures out how to blame it on his OBNOXIOUS sister Eris, or it's



Where do we fit into JHVH's plan? WE'RE THE DENT IN THE PLANET! That's

right, baby, THOR'S gonna come down and HAMMER US OUT!

And unless you give you MONEY to "Bob," who is working out a deal with

the Big Guy SO HE can TALK to the Elder Gods and convince them not ONLY

not to send 'Hovey to his room, but to GIVE HIM A RAISE IN HIS



YES... "Bob" IS that GOOD!


If you want to be ON "Bob"'s guest LIST, send ALL of YOUR (and anybody

else's you can get your hands on) money to:

The SubGenius Foundation

PO Box 140306

Dallas, Texas 75214

(But remember to save ten dollahs for Actionboy 300.)


If not, if you want to STAY around in your pink SHELLS like so MANY

lobsters in a pot of water (sniff, sniff... hey, earl, what's that Ah

smells COOKIN'?) and IGnore "Bob"'s word and babble ON about a poor

salesman who got nailed up and left the MARKETING of his Church to

those he left HANGING (Not that He weren't hangin' himself at the end

there!) and then, when FINALLY resurrected nearly two thousand years

later (That's RIGHT folks, NO three days... the angels rolled back the

rock and ole' J sez to 'em: "You GOTTA be kidding me! I need more'n

THREE FUCKING DAYS!" then HIT the cosmic snooze BUTTON) to repent for

his poor salesmanship skills by WORKING in the mailroom for "Bob"...

(where was I? Oh, yeah!) then STAY on your OWN Dobbsdamned newsgroups

and stop crossposting your DITRHERING BLATHER to alt.slack...