CONSPIRACY = Cliques Of Normals Secretly Planning Insidious Rituals

Aimed at Controlling You


That's right, boys and girls... ahem! BROTHERS AND SISTERS! There IS no

pointed PEAK to this power pyramid! There is no secret government

ruling behind the scenes! The Conspiracy is much more mundane, and FOR

THAT all the much more TERRRifying than people give it credit for!

Now brothers and sisters, what do we call the Conspiracy for SHORT?

The CON!

And what IS a CON?

A con is a TRICK... a SWINDLE pulled on you by a CON-man!

But what is con short for?

CONFIDENCE! The conspiracy works on our TRUST in the system, our

TRUST that if we just FIT IN and don't rock THE boat then we will

succeed, takes this CONFIDENCE and uses it against us!

WHAT... oh I hear you ask me, WHAT is this CONspiracy?




Brothers and sisters, there is no way to ESCAPE the CON, for it

surrounds us. It IS us!

The X-Files tries to tell you that "The Truth is Out There," as if

somehow, SOMEHOW, this can save you from their laughable "conspiracy."

The REAL CONspiracy? The real conSPIRACY is the VERY fact THAT you

believe in their "TRUTH"! "The TRUTH" may be out there, but IF it IS,

then it is the VERY thing which keeps us down.


Because when we BELIEVE in their truth, then we believe that there is a

RIGHT WAY, and when we BELIEVE in a right way, then we are TRAPPED in

their mechanisms of normal behavior!


Do you FOLLOW what I am SAYING, brothers and sisters? Do ya follow?

Because if what I am saying is TRUE (and don't you DARE doubt it if you

want salvation and SLACK ETERNAL) then there is NO WAY OUT. Because you

CAN'T ESCAPE the truth! You CAN'T ESCAPE a Conspiracy that has NO

CENTER and indeed which spreads itself to the FOUR CORNERS of the GLOBE

like unto the VERY AIR that we breathe, now. You CAN'T ESCAPE that

which STEALS your SLACK because there is NOTHING stealing your Slack...

it's YOU giving it AWAY of your OOOOWN free will, now.


And HOW, brothers and sisters, Ah say HOW, now, can we escape from



It may seem IMPOSSIBLE, my children, but there IS a way to ESCAPE from

this Conspiracy and not OOOOONLY that, but to steal back your slack in

the process!


For the only way to esCAPE the CON is to esCAPE yourself, and the only

way to esCAPE yourSELF... is to GIVE YOURSELF TO "BOB"!


Give that which the Conspiracy TELLS YOU is yourself... your money,

your name, your ASSIGNED ROLE in society, take it all and FOCUS it onto

a dollar bill... walk AROUND with this dollar bill down your pants so

that it takes on the VERY ESSENCE of your being... your Nental Ife, as

we SubGenii call it, SEEPS into that bill. And take that bill, and like

the scapegoat of old onto which the ancients piled their sins, SEND IT



The SubGenius Foundation

P.O. Box 140306

Dallas, TX 75214

Then SIT BACK and bask in your RECLAIMED SLACK!