"Help Lord--The Devil Wants Me Fat!" [quotes are in original title]

by C.S. Lovett

a scriptural approach to a trim and attractive body

pg 204

Now why did I take the trouble to explain the provoker concept of




You've been working with the Lord for a period of weeks now, getting

your body into marvelous shape. There's a big difference in the way you

look. Your walk is different. Your enthusiasm is different. You

display a new zest for life. That trim bouncy body is a far cry from

what it used to be. People within your private world will be startled

by the BEFORE AND AFTER effect. Those who haven't seen you since you

started this program, will be dazzled by the difference.


That difference can be used for Christ. Your glorious new body provides

a terrific provoker. People are bound to ask ... "Wow! What have you

done to yourself? You've lost weight, haven't you/ You don't seem like

the same person! How did you do it?" And so on. Curious friends will

be making all kinds of inquiries about your new figure.


Wouldn't it be nice to exploit those comments for the Lord, turning them

into a witnessing situation? You can -- if you know how. Not only will

it be satisfying, but it will count for Christ.


You want your body to count for Christ. What's the point of being trim

and attractive unless you're going to use it for Jesus? To have a nice

looking body for the sake of appearance only is vanity. The lord Jesus

bought us at the price of His blood and he owns us "lock, stock and

barrel." We are no longer our own (1 Cor. 6:19). The Word instructs us

to glorify God in our bodies, but we do the opposite if we doll it up

for its own sake. For us to use the Law of Belief* to gain nice, trim

figures and then not make it count for Him, is the height of

selfishness. The only reason for living, once we're saved, is to honor

the Lord jesus with all we are and have. And to make that nice new body

count for Him as we should, means using it as a witness.


»Visualize someone who hasn't seen you recently expressing amazement at

your new figure. "You look marvelous. Tell me what's happened!" That

is a golden moment. You should be able to seize it and convert it into

a witnessing event. Your body has done its job as a provoker, now it's

your turn to exploit the opportunity. Can you picture yourself

answering your friend something like this:


"Recently the Lord convicted me that I would look better and feel better

if I weighed less. I've tried dieting, but with little success. So

this time I asked the Lord to show me how to do it...and He did. What

you see is the result of working with Him to get my weight offf and keep

it off. If you'd like to know more about it, I'd be happy to tell you

HOW He did it."



What's the point of being trim and attractive unless you're going to use

it for Jesus?


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*This was in an earlier chapter. Basically, you keep telling yourself

"I'm not gonna be fat anymore! For JESUS!"