In article <4vdfmu$>, (gg gordon) wrote:

> 1. Last night I had a vision of Dobbs. I saw him and the Fightin' Jesus and

> their guns were slick and oiled.

> 2. Yea! I saw them stand shoulder to shoulder with the Battling Buddha,

> Killer Krishna and the clones of Elvis and J.F.K. against a vast PinkTide.

> 3. And as the glorpish masses moved relentlessly forward I watched our team

> lock and load, drawing a most puissant collective bead on the PinkMeat

> Masses.

> 4. And then in a stream of fire, smoke and leaden death did they smite

> these unbelievers with the full metal jacketed gospel of Dobbs!

> 5. With hot lead like a living wall of death were these infidels smitten!

> 6. The Pink Herd, False Profits, the Clones of Majestyk 12 and the Minions

> of Weishaupt and Elron fell like new-mown hay before the scythes of the

> planet cleansing Missionaries and their Cohorts of Conspiracy trembled like

> the leaves of the high Aspen tree and were troubled in their putrescent

> hearts.

> 7. And it came to pass that the streets of the Celestial City ran red with

> the blood of the unbelievers while the Forces of Dobbs smote them and

> slew them until their guns shone red with the glow of righteous

> retribution!

> 8. Side by side and shoulder to shoulder they stood, Smiting, Singing and

> Smiling with Salvation on their side as they slew the unbelieving masses.

> 9. And it came to pass that this battle lasted not for hours nor even days

> but almost a full month!

> 10. And even as THEY quailed before the awesome power of "Bob", the

> Soldiers of Slack were strong and ferocious like lions in the days of

> old.

> 11. And the sky was black with the smoke of burning flesh and the sun was

> darkened for these last days, the Armageddon of the End Times.

> 12. Behold! Within this awesome, frightful vision I perceived the strangest

> and most wondrous sight of all.

> 13. For, did not Nhee Ghee Himself in all his awful splendor ride forth to

> join with the forces of "Bob".

> 14. And Dobbs himself smiled as he watched that dark spirit load his mighty

> weapons.

> 15. And at the stroke of the witching hour came a brief respite in the

> gruesome battle and "Bob" confronted Nh**Gh** and demanded to know what

> sort of double-dealing was the evil setting in motion by fighting against

> and slaying those very forces he usually abetted and delighted in.

> 16. And Nh**Gh** smiled most unwholesomely and then did say: "I don't play

> no favorites Pipefaced One, and if THEY and THEIR minions prevail, who

> then shall I have the true pleasure of TORMENTING...these guys ain't no

> fun at all!"

> 17. And "Bob" saw and understood once again and anew that truly Nobody knew

> the Nothingness of Nh**Gh**!

> 18. And Dobbs smiled and presented unto The Living Chaos a sacred

> seven-bladed windbreaker and when the fearsome battle renewed the Forces

> of Slack did prevail and ride triumphant over the forces of the PNKZ and

> Mediocretins and thus was the True Integrity of the Sacred Stone MWOWM

> preserved!