John Ogan ( wrote:


: Am I getting mixed messages? I mean, this coming from a guy who gave us whole

: chapters about the Conspiracy controlling all aspects of society in a "nineteen

: eighty-four"ish way? The same guy who wants us to accept our eccentricities and

: our natural fucked-up selves, and not sacrifice them to normalcy? I mean, I'm

: sure there are people out there who need the damn pill...god knows, I grew up with

: a looneyfamily, and now most of us are on some sort of pill to combat this...

: I don't know exactly what point I'm trying to make here. I just stayed up all

: night working the graveyard shift. Which pretty much shows how PATHETIC LITTLE

: I've taken from the whole SubG worldview, what not working and all, so maybe I'm

: not the best one to be arguing.



You're getting mixed messages all right, but those mixed messages aren't

due to the CHURCH, they're due to the STINKING CONSPIRACY LIES spread by

certain segments of the Conspiracy, notably the Scientologists. The idea

that SSRIs such as Prozac are "mind control drugs" is a Scientologist myth

it's well past time to bury. The Conspiracy just wants to fuck you up BAD,

and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference whether it's through plying

you with mind-control serums or making you so paranoid that you REFUSE to

take medication to keep you healthy and functional. Plenty of people in

this Church are now taking or have in the past taken antidepressants, and

most of them have been helped by them. I can only really speak for myself,

but my experience is that antidepressants have made my eccentricity more

manifest and enabled me to fight the CON better, because they free me

from having to worry about all that fucking Pink shit like being miserable

for no fucking reason and obsessing about suicide. Remember, the Normals

are all MENTALLY ILL, and the easiest way to become Normal for many of us

is to become mentally ill ourselves. So like Stang said- if you need the



: But it's an option I have to consider. Should I take the damn pill or not? What

: if it curtails my finer points? Then I just go off the damn pill, I guess. But

: perhaps if I'm ON some form of anti-depressant I won't be able to "see" what a

: mindless conspiracy peabrain I've become, and other bad things, and I'll live the

: rest of my life (a year?) not knowing how pink I really am.


I dithered about the exact same stuff for MONTHS before I started on the

meds. And the results? Well, do I look fuckin' NORMAL to you? Don't

worry too much about it. Mood != identity.