>>Tarla wrote:

>>>fire ant collective <fire_ant@deltanet.com> wrote:

>>> As far as a distinct lack of Slack goes, I'd bet theres almost

>>>none to be found wherever the 55,000 killer-victim Rwandan Hutu refugees

>>>who disappeared in luridly Joseph Conradesque Zaire are. Somebody said

>>>they didn't make very good neighbors, according to the locals, and they

>>>had a firefight with Ziaran rebels, but nobody knows where the hell they

>>>went. They just left a few puddles of dysentary diahreah, some plastic

>>>tarps, broken flip-flops, and a few 'charitable' bibles and empty powdered

>>>cheeze packs. Man I thought my week SUCKED.

>>> I be they didn't go to croatan. How long till slayer does a song

>>>about this?


>>> DB



>>Fuck the 55,000 humans...I'm more worried about the few remaining

>>Mountain Gorillas. We gots PLENTY of humans.





amen. People like to piss and moan and pretend to give a shit about

the sorry lookin' little bloatgut with the blowflies up his snoot

dying in some African shithole (that, crammed between a nightly news

giggly bit on Madonna's just-baked little bastard and a furrowed brow

public service-y piece on the dangers of helium butt-lifts) briefly

puts them off thier Honey Baked Ham and Big Chunks Really Healthy

Wheat with only a Few Nasty Chemicals Brand bread sandwich, and some

even briefly consider sending half of thier Friday night vegetarian

pizza purchasing dough to Handwringers International or Rugrat

Rescue or the Most Pitiful Pissed On and Shot At Mud People's Fund,

but I says: hats off to the folks that resist such selfish and

masturbatory urges, and fuck the dimbulbs that would sacrifice the

Earth for the sake of humans. The bottom line is, small-scale famine

and disease and the odd genocidal loon are about the only things

forestalling an inevitable environmental calamity and human die-off of

heretofore unprecedented scope on that continent. Here's hoping we

stay the fuck out of the way and let it happen before the jungle and

the critters that live in it are completely gone.The people are fucked

either way, and all our meddling and guilt allieviating symbolic

bullshit can't change a goddam thing.


Well, we CAN make it worse. So far, everything we've done in a

short-sighted spirit of phony baloney humanitarianism has done just



ah, fuck it.