This would be Lou Duchez:


Goddamn, this is a beautiful post to behold! Indeed, the lessons in

this sermon can be difficult to take to heart, but entirely worth

the effort. Thanks, RevJack! Thanks, Dyna!


If I may approach the top of this hill from a different direction, let

us consider the story of the Tiger and the Crane, which lies at the

heart of certain Eastern teachings*. The tiger creeps up on the crane's

nest to eat its young ... how can the crane stop the tiger? What gifts

does it possess that it might counter the ferocity and strength of

the tiger?


The crane possesses perfect poise and grace, and THAT is its power.

The crane does not have the strength of the tiger, but it has CONTROL.

It uses its wings to confound the tiger who, for all its strength,

cannot force the crane to back down through naked aggression.

Eventually, the tiger realizes that it cannot defeat the crane through

ferocity, and seeks easier prey.


Let us then follow in the example of the crane. Possess that poise

within yourself; let your Slack lie within you, so that you cannot be

thrown off-balance by even the fiercest attack. Once you hold the Slack

within you, you are beyond the control of others; let them attempt

to pounce and lash out at you, only to be driven off by your resolve

and control. The power lies within you, it is yours to claim.