}I think Lou sucks. Let's gang up on him and take his lunch money.


Go ahead. It's incredibly easy. He'll see you coming and hand it to you

before you ask, and then offer to go home and gets some cookies for you.

Then he'll invite you to come home with him and break his toys, and

punch himself to give himself a bloody nose so you don't have to hurt

your hand. He takes all the fun out of it before you ever get to have

any, and when you get tired of it, he WON'T STOP. He'll be standing

outside your window at night wearing a t-shirt with a bulls-eye on it

and a handful of rocks for you, like a reverse Freddy Kruger. You will

awake screaming from dreams of big ole cow-eyed Lou pictures on velvet

hanging in endless corridors which you run through trying to chase all

the KICK ME signs on the backsides of a million Lou's.

Encourage not the noodger.


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