From: (Crazy Bob)

Subject: Re: Man created organized religion, Oh, Thank Man!

Date: 07 Mar 1997 00:00:00 GMT

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In article <5fn9lo$1f8@nntp.Stanford.EDU>, salem@pangea.Stanford.EDU

attempts to speak coherently...


> That is because humans are clanish and they need some


>fiction to confirm their tendancy to assume that they are at the

>center of the universe which was made by an intelligent being, like

>themselves, for their use. This fiction also lends strong authority

>to the moral code and political power structure of the culture. Now,

>it is


BullSHIT! MY religion realizes that man is NOT at the center of the

universe, in fact the Earth is quite far out at the fringes, which is

WHY the Elder Gods haven't caught wind of us yet and decided to crush

our puny insignificance into oblivion. NOR does it posit an intelligent

being... JHVH-1 is a bumbling demiurge not so malevolent as

incompetent, and he's racing to trash his failed experiment before

anybody figgers whatsup.


SO that's the absolute LAST word on this from ME, which is the LAST

word there could ever POSSIBLY be, so SHUT UP ALREADY!


Or cut alt.slack from this pointless wanking.


Or send me a dollar, or KILL ME!