}Given the plethora of headers in this post, why are you Slackers so miffed by

}cross-posts to alt.slack (which is in the spam header) ?


A fair question, Doug, though an inaccurate one. I am not a "slacker". I

don't even know what that means, except in reference to a really stupid

movie with no point, much less some point in common with the Church of

the SubGenius. Nor am I representing anyone other than myself with my

words. Now, try to stem the flow from your overgeneralization gland and

follow along.


I don't give a galloping grab at a greased goose about crossposting.

What I care about is behavior that can't possibly be just stupid, but

actually require EFFORT in order to be as stupid as it appears.


People arguing against the facts of the world is bad enough. Others

arguing with them about it is just as bad plus some.


People spewing the exact same opinions day after day, face to face with

contrary opinions is bad enough. The fect that those same exact opinions

have been spread around for year after year with abolsutely no effect

other than to take up disk space is worse. But worst of all is that it's

more than obvious that no one is really trying to tell anybody anything,

they're all just wanting others to see them having that opinion.


So, Doug, what really wrinkles my beans is the fact that there is no

argumentation, there is no discussion, and especially that there is no

problem solving. It PEES MY DAMN ASS that all this wasted space

represents the complete breakdown of discourse into a behavior in no way

different than putting a bumper sticker on your car. Except you only buy

the bumper sticker once but you people pay day after day, month after

month, to write your own bumper stickers on the net and behave just as

convinced of their import as you do with that sticker on your car. In

other words, not at all.


I mourn for the frontal lobes, Doug. I wail and weep for the ideals of

intellectual progress and meaningful effort. I am sorely saddened that

all that is left of thinking and communication sums up to the same sort

of mental state that forces people to pay three times the amount for the

same piece of clothing just because it has someone's advertising on it,


I'd like to also be upset over that fact that there's not a single damn

entity involved in this pile of shit excuse for discussion that would

ever make even 1% of the effort to do something in the real world that

they pretend to put into the conviction of their words. I'd like to, but

I've already despaired beyond hope for anything like that to come out

of it.


I'm tired of people proving that they're sad sick fucks at the top of

their lungs, Doug. I'm tired of seeing the supposedly more enlightened

contradicting their stance by maintaining doiscourse with those

obviously too dogmatic to have a thought in their heads that wasn't put

there by someone else.


I'm just sick of seeing the stupid drag the rest of the world down to

their level, and of seeing the rest go down so willingly.


 -Doktor DynaSoar-