Subject: My Hate

From: (Rev. Random the Other)

Date: 1997/06/14

Message-Id: <>

Newsgroups: alt.slack


My Hate, by A. Pink

Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I truthfully forget when my last

confession was, but I think it was forty-three days ago. I haven't

had any temptations with doing, um, "that other stuff" in that time.

I thank you for that. I have had no impure thoughts. Except for my



I am guilty of the sin of Hate.


I have Hated "Bob". He asked me again know. I Hated mySELF

for not telling my Husband. I looked deep within, as you suggested,

and found that my Hate was indeed spread throughout my very being, and

I pray that it depart lest it threaten my eternal life.


I Hate the traffic. I Hate that they didn't widen the lanes to eight

instead of six, so that people would have more room. I Hate that the

new swimming pool is right there where you have to turn left, and

there's a hill where the oncomming traffic can't see you. I Hate that

the television is putting these commercials during the kid's shows

that just want to sell kids junk. And even the kid's shows have all

this inuendo, and all these cartoons that just want to sell them

things. I can't even watch TV myself without seeing all these men

that make me think about... Well, it isn't right.


I Hate the macarena. I Hate that Lisa Marie and Michael broke up, and

I Hate that Kathy Lee is having so much trouble with the companies

that make her clothes. I mean, it's not like SHE hired all those

children. I looked deep within, and I saw that I was really resentful

that Martha Stewart had treated her staff so badly. I mean, she has

so much money, she could buy them all everything they want, and she

would still have enough to live on. There's alot wrong with the

world, but sometimes the media just singles out certain people, and

presents only one side of the story, and everyone doesn't get enough

information to make informed opions.


I Hate that all those foreigners are moving into my neighborhood. I

read that alot of them were on welfare, and I read that people on

welfare have to go get jobs. I agree with that. I saw where these

people, and I won't use the "N" word, were spending their children's

welfare checks on Crack friend Orton was telling me that

he had a neighbor who had her television stolen by a drug addict.


I Hate when people steal.


I Hate the companies that put out that music, that make the children

glorify violence and sex. They shouldn't even be thinking about that

at their age. And the MTV that sells the stuff on TV, it has all

these young people having sex and talking about it as if it were OK,

and it just gets them thinking about it again.


I Hate that there's so many people who cannot just Love One Another,

and they fight wars in those countries. And when my country tries to

go in there and help them, there is just nothing you can do. And if

you try to tell them things, they just act like I made the decision to

get involved in the first place. And that it's up to me to keep the



I Hate that people just won't put forth the effort that it takes to

make it good for everybody. To think of others. To see the Beauty in

the world and want to preserve it and share it with others. We are

cutting down all the trees. And not thinking of the future.


Things will be different in the Future.


A. Pink

Gription Clench