Subject: Re: 'nother dumb poem by me

Date: Sat, 06 Sep 1997 11:28:05 -0400

From: bbombere <>

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kevbob wrote:


> my only recourse lies

> below your sea of

> antidepressent calm.


> push,, can't you see what

> you have done to them?

> no, of course not.


> whistling until you

> can't be there any more.

> why does it feel so?


> emily dickinson needed

> to get laid. robert frost

> needed to drink more.


> and yet, maybe, almost, i

> think i can just barely

> make out the beginnings of


> a WONDROUS and spectacular

> halftime show, with sitcom

> plugs and nifty new jingles.


> they KNOW you wish to be

> back in the womb. that's why

> they make it so grim out here.


> emily REALLY needed to get

> laid. i REALLY REALLY need to

> drink less of Robert Frost.


> i saw the same two roads,

> i made the same dumb choice.

> why aren't i famous? huh?!


> insult to injury, but i

> Really DO look stupid with

> a black eye.


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> "Day in, Day out." Joy Division

> Non solum anima sed etiam deo careo. -rkb

> "there is no black and white" - Rev. Modemac

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A friend of mine got to apprentice

with James Dickie when he was Poet

in Residence at the Library of Congress.

James Dickie wrote "Deliverance" the movie,

and also a poem about a filght attendant

that fell out of jet at 35,000 ft. (true storey}

They found her nude in the middle of a cornfield,

so, Dickie wrote this poem about how she knew

she would die, and took her clothes on the way down.

I disremember what he called it...

Koenig Preusse, GmbH