Subject: Re: Lao Tzu was "Bob"!

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 13:30:25 -0800

From: NENSLO <n@n.slo>

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Crazy Bob wrote:


> Tao Te Ching: Chapter XX


> Exterminate learning and there will no longer be worries.


> I alone am foolish and uncouth.

> I alone am different from others

> And value being fed by the mother.


MAMMY! Yes, the history of the Church in china remains largely unknown to this

century's aliterate hillbilly stubgeniuses. In the writings of Chuag Tzu we find these

lines from Overman Ch'ieh Yu, the Madman of Chu:


"The mountain by its trees weakens itself. The grease which ministers to the fire

fries itself. The cinnamon tree can be eaten and therefore is cut down. The varnish

tree is useful and therefore incisions are made in it. All men know the advantage of

being useful; but no one knows the advantage of being useless."