by Rev. Dr. Nolan Voyde


White people built the first fascist state,

The Roman Empire, you might recall.

While greedy money pigs grew fat and lazy,

The Empire was allowed to fall!


Their currency was devalued over and over again,

Much like ours today.

But the rich stayed rich while the poor got poorer,

And society continued to decay.


As chaos reigned and things grew grimmer,

The lawyers argued on.

They made their fortunes while they could

As Rome fell to barbarian spawn.

While all this fascism and chaos generated from Italy,

The peoples of Britain, France and Germany

Lived in naked savagery!


After the Empire fell, you know,

A series of popes took control.

A thousand years of Dark Ages followed

With compulsory saving of souls.


As the Black Plague raged and illiteracy became the norm,

The Inquisition was full-fledged born.

Preachers shouted about God's love

While the ashes of heretics still lay warm.


Burning a few insures that the many will strictly follow form.

The religious nuts then decided that there were too many opinions,

So Pope Innocent swore violence and gathered all his minions.

When he was asked just who to kill, he talked to God on the phone,

Then he said, "Put them all to the sword, God will know his own".


Wars raged across Europe, one overlapping another,

between kings, dukes and barons who oftentimes were brothers.

These would gather mercenary thugs to kick down castle doors

And rob or punish fellow potentates in their endless "chivalrous"



One thing they all agreed upon was to keep on robbing the poor.

Ah yes, about the wars, one could easily go on long,

About the innovation of firearms to make the growing armies ever-yet

more strong.


As military technology rapidly progressed,

The commoners continued to starve and be politically repressed.

That glorious Western European culture,

It treated people so good

They had to emigrate overseas

Just to find some food!


When they came to America, the commoners rejected kings,

But new ones soon supplied themselves, the landed gentry took over



With kings and lords our economic aristocrats had commercial ties,

So freedom for the masses was a necessary lie.

As long as it made money, any means was justified.


The witch hunts and the racism, they also made it over here

Along with slavery and taxes on home-brewed beer,

Enforced with laws, guns, and the power of mortal fear.

Ah, but the SubGeniuses, gnostics, agnostics and atheists all,

They too came to America to answer freedom's call.


And though the mere humans took over pretty quick,

"Bob" guarantees us a deal that's our greatest ultimate trick.

Yes, my brethren, when the Xists arrive,

Not a single human will be left alive.

The Earth shall then belong to those who survive,

The roaches, the ants and the bees in their hives.


The lizards and rats shall gnaw on human bones,

With no one left to answer ringing telephones.

And all the clocks will wind down one by one,

As we party with the Xists and enjoy eternal fun.


Our country's western European cultural heritage,

The white humans say with pride,

Makes us the best among all the rest

And so, they make us ride

Down a deadend one way street

Lined with toxic slag pile up in heaps.


My ancestors left Europe because they didn't like it there.


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copyfreely 1997 a VoydeZone production