Subject: mention "charlie"

Date: Sun, 07 Sep 1997 13:46:28 GMT


Organization: LanMinds, Inc. (Not Responsible for Content)

Newsgroups: alt.slack



nasty baaad memetic infection.


standing on a corner near my hovel observing the flow of unwashed and

unwanted flesh slither by, there came to me a peaked and piquiant

freak of undiscernable age and gender, slight of size, and rank of

odor and odure in opposing directions.


"CHARLIE", this person did whisper largely. "Nope, sorry" because I'm

not, and was. He? (cheated. used the sight. HUH? BOTH?) smiled,

glanced about, and repeated with no small measure of satisfaction...

"CHARLIE" in the same stage whisper.


No bigger than 4 foot 6, sallow and wan, (s)he sauntered off into the

night, secure in the success of the mission. I went home without

thinking much of it, as Berkeley is just "like that". Not two minutes

into the door, I lost concious volition, wandered mindlessly into my

housemate's room, and in a huge whisper, "CHARLIE".


Suddenly realised where I was, and what I had done.

Apologised briefly, then backed out of the room looking quite

as confused as I felt.


Half hour later, housemate greets someone at the door

with "CHARLIE" (same damn pseudo-whisper). Conversation I can't hear

takes place. A few minutes later, housemate and mutual friend (who's

name is NOT "CHARLIE") knock on my door, wanting to know what's going

on. Friend calls later to confirm undesired reflexive utterance to

total stranger from open car window.


be careful... it's a jingle out there!