Subject: Re: Burroughs

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 03:14:12 GMT

From: lurch@antJemiminy.Com (RevLurch)


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>> Unfortunately, your noticing indicates you are probably not worthy of

>> your power or position.


>How good of you to notice. Fortunately, all my power is in my own mind,

>where it bests belongs, and any position I might claim changes daily, at



>Power does not belong in hands such as mine, and besides, I would not

>know what to do with it. What power and position did you ascribe to me?

>Nully Fydyan


It's often been claimed that the pen is mightier that the sword, and I

guess I can go along with that, as long as the statement is qualified

by allowing for huge variations based on not only whom is wielding

either, but how far the person's followers (if any) are willing to go

to validate the impulse that caused them to to become alinged behind

them. Given that anyone and everyone, something to say or not, with a

following in place or in formation or not, can spew off to their

heart's content on the usenet, it's likely that even more sweeping

qualifications need to applied before it would be sensible to try to

assess, let alone quantify, the microscopic amount of power the vast

majority of us are left with after it is divided and subdivided many

thousands of times among the faceless individuals sloppily decorating

this electronic shithouse wall (with abstract binary representations

of speech more akin to drunkenly writing one's name on the plaster

with whiz than the measured, cogent and potentially powerful quill

strokes the coiner of that phrase probably had in mind when he went to

coining), and I don't know what the fuck they are, so I'll pass on

trying. As for position, the only one relevant to the piss-ant power

trip we as individuals play out here on this NG, is on our butts in

front of a computer, and it's one I can ascribe to you and be

reasonably sure I am at least partially correct, given that it's the

one I assume for, among other things, writing obfuscatory B.S. of the

sort I enjoy needling others for, and the one I suspect you assume for

needling back.


That power/position crap is a line from the Bare-Assed Emporer Fable.

As I remember, some decree to the effect that only those worthy of

their power and position would be able see his clothes was what kept

everyone from pointing out that he was nude. It's my belief that

similar unwritten hip-prescriptions (that evolve from beginnings as

ostensibly inconsequential as the passing mutterings of any one of

number of inexplicably influential professional

critics/tastemakers/biased cheerleaders) into pervasive hallucinatory

constructs that allow folks like Burroughs, to, in the minds of a

suprisingly large number of people, spend the whole of their careers

in mighty snazzy lookin' suits indeed, when, in my humbug opinion,

their own artistic capabilities left their butts in the breeze.

Anyway, you seemed to notice that I chose to ridicule Burroughs'

near-incomprehensibility with a comically bombastic load of hooey of

my own, and that's what prompted the line from the fable. And as you

can by now certainly see, one or even a few seeing all there really is

to be seen is not enough to stop anybody from maintaining and even

profiting from the notion that those unable (because of their grim,

unyielding, Easter-Bunny Barbecuing rationality) of augmenting their

chosen Guru's capabilties through similar whole-cloth mental

makeovers, see nothing where others see much not because there is

nothing there, but because they don't deserve to. And a few naysayers

will rarely stop a person from doing what he or she does best, even if

it's not any good. In this way, Burroughs and I are similar, I guess.