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<revpsych@mindless.com> wrote:

>St. Bubba wrote: Waaay to fukin much

>so I'll counter it by not replying.. and just going off

>on a tangent...


which is of course a wonderful way of avoiding truths about yourself

innit it?


>The idea of a faith in anything has allways eluded me..

>Then -there was "Bob"... Faith in Nothing... for $30! Ha, I said...

>sign me up...


its easy to send yer 30 dollers into the church. it isnt so easy to

BE a subgenius. sending in yer 30 bucks does NOT make that yeti

mutation in you rchromosomes magickally appear. sending in YOR 30

bucks gave a few people a bit of beer money fer the weekend and made

sure that the bottle for your pink little soul was properly stored in

the foundation dungeons. but id daresay that we'd be demmed fools to

offer unto the elder gods and space bankers your little atrophied soul

to them for fear that we'd poison them, dooming not only OUR race, but

YOURS as well..giving them INFERIOR product. yer signed up allrighty

psych....i gots me a berth just waiting for you on the white slave

farm, but the going price fer utter nincompoops is low nowadays, and

demand for loose-lipped-knock-kneed-buck-toothed-pasty-faced-

syphillus-infested-cum-bubbles is demmed low too, so if ye'd not mind,

could you please immolate yourself at earliest convienince and send me

the press photos..we might jsut get a buyer fer ya, and i hate to see

good meat go to waste so senselessly, as if i no get no buyer, mssr.,

then its off behind the turkey pen and a 2x4 to you...its not

fair...butneither is life when YOU are born with the missing genetic

SUPERIORITY that is instilled amoung others of my bretheren and

sisteren and hermaphrodidien. you arent a subgenius psych, no ammount

of wishing, money, sex, political favours or nifty k-rad kewl gnarly

WaReZ D00D irc scriptz will change that. all you are is a really

really annoying normal.


> where the suppose,

>woould be preachers and obviously false prophiets -couldnt seem to give

>a shit about "Bob"... some of them seem nice enuf.. and the mean ones

>are atleast constant... but this Ass ICEKNIFE... what a prick... not even

>in a good way... Nazi Bullyboy, Pink Fuk - who thinks; because he can put

>togeather random thoughts quickly.. he has more a right to deceide what is

>appropriate in his #channel.. Fuk that... OH shit.. I dared speak freely

>openly.. now the 'new guy' has offended someone.. FUCK YOU... -kick.. hahah


i happen to like ICEKNIFE...when you dont at like an utter ass then he

tends to treat you with respect...when you act like a merehume, he

treats you like one..its in his programming. first time i ended up on

#subgenius, ICE kicked me within the first 5 minutes. all in good

fun..methinks ye are takin this a bit toooo close to the heart

psych..or did big bad mean scary ICEKNIFE hurt poor widdle psychs

feelers??? have you no humility, no backbone, BOY?


>There are other Channels... you actually expect #SubGenius to be Calm?


>you wanna be safe? GOto #Slack... I hear there's NO ops there... :)

>just come into SubGenius to hook up with friends... and spread the Word OF


>Noone talks about "Bob" any more!.. Fuck that... I do..


why talk about "bob" day in and day out anyhow? it gets awfully

boring, stale and used up reaaaal quicklike. i never expect

#subgenius to be CALM..mercy FORBID! i LIKE it when its full of

blessed anarchy and spontaneous ranting about reconstituted unbaptized

baby fat and hamster cannons. but being a subgenius, een taking on

#subgenius does'nt mean you have to talk about "bob"...or even like

him for that matter. in fact, its often more enjoyable to not shiv a

git about the low-born bastard of a milkman and just be YOURSELF

instead of some mindless puppet towing the party line and yelling out

"PRABOB!" ev'ry five minutes. thats not what being an INDIVIDUAL is

all about. but theres hope fer you yet, now that we can clone sheep,

mebbe we clone you and use you like them gammas in 'a brave new world'

once we all go to helle.