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: Let me see if I've got this right:

: Level One: You get Bob.

: Level Two: You lose Bob.

: Level Three: Bob comes back -- but those who know for what aren't saying.


Possibly. Or on the second, you realize you never "had" "Bob" in the

first place. And in the third, "Bob" doesn't "come back", it's just a

reassessment of "Bob"'s "presence". Am "I" using enough "quotes" for

"you"? Also, I'm not saying out of any kind of gurupee type thing. I'm

not saying because I literally CAN'T. It's NOT SAYABLE, at least for me,

now. Right?


: But what if you _use_ Bob? He's as useful to me as any other of the

: deities or semisaints I like/hate/worship/invent. [The great thing about

: inventing gods to worship is that as their creator, they naturally worship

: me. It's a big ol' rechargable battery that raises my throne high...]


The realization that "Bob" can be used and IS a TOOL just as much as

a jackhammer or icepick or prairie-squid debeaker is key to understanding.

I give it a two. This, which I talk of, it's realizing HOW MUCH of the

book is true in the truest sense of the word (true, that is).


: Bob's a commodity, Bob's an excuse, Bob's an answer to questions too large

: to take seriously. Bob's just this "guy", ya know? I got slack, you got

: slack, Bob's got slack -- yeah, we may sometimes think he's got more than

: his fair share, but if he has it, he deserves it. [It's kinda how I feel

: about my $30. For ten seconds I was a big ol' sucker, nervous about

: 7/5/98, and the checkbook came out. For a while I was pissed, but then I

: figured that, if after four years of reading SubG propoganda, the Church

: still had the power to sucker $ out of me, it deserves it. Hats off to

: Stang et al. You earned it.]


My experience with the Church is that they don't even have CLOSE to enough

of a "fair share". They should be bigger than the Mormons and the

Scientologists COMBINED! As for what you say, there comes a time when

you realize that "Bob" manipulates you while you present this "Bob"-

the Teil.1 "Bob", that is- as a creature of your manipulation. Understand

that all this divvying it up into parts is a total falsehood and not

the way it works at all, it's hierarchical but in an entirely different way,

but it's the easiest (though probably not best) way for me to explain it

at this point. There are many paths of the one path.


: My pagan friend says I'm suffering from "cognitive disonnance". I'm

: holding contrary thoughts in my brain without searching for a way to solve

: them. She doesn't get that Bob's this "guy"/fiction/god/clip-art/messiah

: who has freed me from the need for resolutions.


Or rather, that the conflict _is_ the resolution. Look at, for instance,

a flamewar. Does it ever resolve? Either it becomes a squabble of semantics,

or a standoff between two fundamentally opposed positions. To have true

resolution is to know these two positions and embrace them both.

It is the world which is dissonant; we are the creatures of consonance

which swallow it.


: (He did, or I did -- does

: it really matter?)


This is the heart of the matter. Of which there is not.


: And of course beliefs are contrary -- otherwise,

: what's the fun?


Yes. But not just fun, essence.


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