Subject: FAC ONE - Bap! Bap! Bap! Stupid belief systems.

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>>You can't even communicate with us wogs on such questions can you?

>>Why, you dare not.


>>Tell us about Hubbard's claim we all have the Fac-1 facsimile in

>>stimulation and all need processing to run this out.

>>Bap! Bap! Bap!


>>Don't you agree, this is a really stupid fake-o religion?


>>Bap! Bap! Bap!


>>Insane. And for this insanity, you pitilessly harass and cheat people



>>Bap! Bap! Bap!

>> Tell us all about Fac-1 Gertie, show us it isn't insane.



>>Pope Charles

>>SubGenius Pope Of Houston



>Mr. Barwell -

>Please take 10 deep breaths and contemplate your navel.

>What is the meaning of "Bap! Bap! Bap!"?

>Or should I ask?


Why, definitely you should ask. See, Hubbard wrote this book, History

of Man. In it, he makes some amazing claims.


On the theta line, on the whole track, Hubbard claims we can expect to

find certain engrams from past lives. One of themis Fac-1.


"History of Man Page 61.

FAC ONE (sic) was an outright control mechanism, invented to cut down on

raids on invader installations."

Right here, you can tell this is going to be good.

Stop laughing dammit! This is science!

"It was probably designed by the fourth invader and used by him to

in it's original state and "ritual" for a considerable time. It gave him a

nice non-combative, religously insane religous community.


(Capitol letters in original)

Need I tell you Hubbard hated going to court? Which is why he fled in 76

and lived running from desret location to location, dying in a motorhome

in California, running to stay out of court.

"This was a sick quiver installed in the stomach area by the "coffee

grinder" during the first part of the incident. The "coffee grinder" laid

in "Baps" in the pineal gland and other points, but almost knocked out the

pineal potential forever and relegated it's actions to the pituitary"

BAP! Bap! Bap! Ooohh, how cruel and evil of the fourth invader force!


BAP! BAP! BAP! Haw! Haw! Haw! Man, is this funny or what!?

And this man, this man is supposed to be some sort of sooper genius worth

spending tens thousands of dollars and years of one's life studying

because he is so more intelligent and learned than mere wogs!

Bap! Bap! Bap!

Snigger! And you know what? I was just down yesterday scoping out teh

new Dianetics Bookstore in downtwon Houston.


Bap! Bap! Bap! HAR! HAR! HAR!

What sort of dipshit could read this page and not immediately

figure out Hubbard is a class A moron?

"It knocked in every other glandular point."

Bwahahahahahaha! Pure genius!

Vonnegut was not as funny at his best!

Bap! Bap! Bap! Poor lil glands! Har!

"And these same "baps", (snigger!) were used against the vagus area to

give what everyone knows as an "anxiety stomache", unconrolled bowel

action ect., ect. The invader wanted people to report when sent for.


REDUCED) (Capitols are in the original - PC) when the vagus area was

"bapped" concentrates on getting the preclear to report quickly when

summoned and makes him terified of arrest, of courts, of other legal


BWHAHAHAHAH! I mean, this is rich humor indeed, you have to admit.

And the clams keep whining that they are a real religion, real religion,

real religion! Yeah, we can tell!

"Thus criminal action against individuals or sometimes, any legal action,

interupts the glandular system,gives an anxiety reaction which has no

equal anywhere else on the track. Experienced police know this sudden

hitherto inexplicable collapse of the criminal and his feeling he would

rather be dead that arrested."

Hubbard was arrested in 1948 for a bounced check in San Luis Obispo

California. By all accounts, he exceptionally resented the arrest.

When arrested in 1952 for the theft of a $9000 check towards the end of

his Philadephia Doctorate Lectures, he fled to England, later opening up

St, Hill. Hubbard seems to have had some personal experience here.


"One cannot exaggerate the effect of FAC ONE in the legal department.

A check on psychotic recently showed five, taken at random, to have been

"triggered" by a threat of arrest a short time before the psychotic break

occured. This is FAC ONE at work."

Why don't I believe this? Snort!

"The "coffee grinder" is a two handled portable machine which,

when turned, emits a heavy push-pull electronic wave in a series

of stuttering "Baps". (Oh, there is them baps again! Bap! Bap! Bap!)

It is violently restimulated by what construction companies call

"widow-makers" - pneumatic drills of the kind used to tear up

pavements; the sound is not dissimular. FAC ONE, not silicosis is

responsible for the mortality of workers assigned to these drills on

construction projects."


Har! Har! Har! Bap! Bap! Bap! Hubbard really means this!

"In the original version, the invader operated this machine

while wearing hoods and goggles not unlike "hot papa" suits used today on

aircraft carriers. The victiom was placed behind a black gauze curtain

but in running FAC ONE, the preclear usually catches glimpses of

the "coffee-grinder' and the users. Some people who wear horn rimmed

glasses are to be found solidly in the operator valence in Fac One."

Such people are lean and hectic. Some people whose faces are Swollen" and

have a "dumpy" build, who are given to asthma, are found solidly in a

victim valence.

Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh!

Horn rimed glasses my ass!

This is real science, aint it?

"The invader gratitously left these machines around for the yokels."

Heh, Scientologists leave copies of HoM around in their bookstores for the

yokels. If anybody is downtown in Houston, Texas, check 'em out on the 3rd

floor of the Park and ask 'em about HoM and FAC-ONE. Bap! Bap! Bap!

The cover is a variation of the old cover with a caveman eating a


"Beliveing the treatment was vital to get to heaven or some such thing,

the yokels practiced on each other, found new victims, and generally

spread the implant around."

Beliveing that this book and this foolish belief would make you more able

or give you OT powers, the yokels believed these things, sold copies to

new victims and generally spread this bullshit around. Hyuk!

"Trouble with the machines the invader left around was that they

"backfired" while they were wroking, sending a ray into the chest of the

operator to restimulate him, the yokel operator not suspecting

that the machine was hitting anything but his victim. And the yokel

had neither goggles nor a "hot papa" suit. One of these unskilled

operators lasted as long as forty victims before he collapsed from

restimulation himself. The "back-fire" characteristic of teh machine left

around also inhibited the loacl people from using electronic handguns and

"rifles", thus killing off the invaders who sought to attack the invader,

for electronic waepons have a flash back against the user.

What bullshit! Bwahahahah!

"FAC ONE deteriorated down the years, became quite varied, and with the

colonization of the Earth thirty-five thousand years ago (or up to seventy

thousand in a few cases) when used FAC ONE was quite non-standard. But it

has been used on Earth against some preclears."

"About a hundred and some thousand years ago the HALVER was substituted

for FAC ONE as a much more efficient, much quicker and less destructive of

prsonel and more creative of slave-like devotion.'

Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh!

Hubbard was damaged.

Scientology is damaged.

Page 60

"Facsimile one (Fac One)

This incident is in everyone's bank. Either as a second facsimile or an

original. Only in the latter case should it be run. It is called Fascimile

One because it is the first proven-up whole track incident which, when

audited out of a long series of people was found to eradicate such things

as, asthma, sinus trouble, chronic chills and a host of other ills.

It has a verbal content in most cases. It is quiet varied when it is found

as an original, - for in this case it happened to the preclear in the last

ten to twenty thousand years.

It was originally laid down in this Galaxy about one million years ago.


You have to admit, this is funny, funny stuff.

And you wonder how anybody could read this book and stay in Scientology.

If Somebody asks me. I have a daughter or son, or husband or wife who is

getting into Scientology, hwo do I make them come to their senses?

I would suggest buying this book, reading it, and then leaving it around

to start a conversation.

"Honey, I don't understand this book, would you read it and come back and

explain Hubbard's stuff to me later?"


Hence, Bap! Bap! Bap!

I find this howling stupid beyond belief and funny.

And for shit like this assholes like Wgert and MikeSmith3

harrass Dennis Erlich and others.


Snort! What a bunch of assholes!

Pope Charles

SubGenius Pope Of Houston