Subject: Re: Stupid poem

Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 00:26:13 -0400

From: bbombere <>

Organization: Lou Minotti & the Clamsauce Enema Band

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> Really. It's HORRIBLE. It reads pretty well, though, if you force it.

> There're about 15 more verses that I wrote somewhere and lost.


> Hippie cornflake zombie spaceship roaring through the town

> Some say that you're comatose, some just say you've drowned.

> Lemon dropping firecracker Jolly Giant pie

> Running with a pointy thing will soon put out your eye.

> Demon-eyed pussyfoot, negative green pants

> Watch the native typists do the hootchie-kootchie dance.

> Candy cane martial arts, barbed wire fence

> Such is the price to iron out the dents.

> Always eat your peas and clear away the clutter,

> What of the porcupines left bleeding in the gutter?

> Buckshot buckwheat, steamed mango hat

> We'll be in Botswana by the time your luck goes flat.

> Bouncy eyeball, jumping ear, pinwheel-giant bugs

> Oh, yeah, your Spanish manners and all your mother's drugs.

> Happy feet devil's workshop, poison-spitting spider

> A hovercraft's pretty much the same thing as a glider.

> Dime-a-dozen fancy pants in bungalows of felt

> Who among the giant squid could make the whole thing melt?

> Sweet Loretta Martin ticket-ed by Lovely Rita,

> I feel hungry, can we trade some hostages for pita?

> Satanic rice cake boogie demon, holographic pants

> Mike took all the pixies to the sunny side of France.

> Randomizer, creep paper, hormone-happy Hank

> All aboard that's goin' aboard, the tourists walk the plank.

> Two guitars, bata, bass drum, rose of Jericho

> Did you know that "remar" is Spanish for "to row?"

> Fish-and-Viking underwear, topographic blues

> Just the thing to talk about, after your next cruise.

> Kiss the greasy priestess, not her pornographic kelp.

> Am I you or is she you or should we all get help?

> Juicy cannon, Spam-like fortress, eat a bag of mice

> We should fly to Middle Earth, that would be so nice.

> Monkey garters, monkey tombstone, monkeys on my brain

> Singing to the trash can in the after dinner rain.

> You must drown forever in the underwater jail;

> Tammi and Beethoven do not deign to go your bail.

> Psychedelic phototropic Mr. Catacombs

> Monkey Man will follow him wherever he may roam.

> Monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey

> Is it me or do you think this poem's getting funky?

> Bongo bullfrog, blinking bass drum, basement bathroom blues

> Visions of Johan pop up, in the evening news.

> Cheesy doughnut microphone all in the deadly dew

> Round up all the Pharaohs who've been trying to murder you.


> I just figured out how to make WordPerfect files readable. Expect more

> stupid writing.


> Annnnnnnna

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bbombere later wrote:

I used to write something like this,

I called it iambic nonsequiter!

Lost in thinks of raisin gravel

Fashioned to fit the right hand shoe

The nonshaded lightbulb began to travel

The path disgusted the lesser few

Pulled the Push sign of vague handle

Gratified the weight per size

Dripply spattered as was a candle

Loud noise of silence before it dies