Subject:Re: Just say FUCK NO to Pinks

Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 04:21:22 GMT

From: TheCharlie <>

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Nully Fydyan wrote:


> In article <>,

> (Romefel) wrote:


> >There's no reason to piss

> > everyone off, but I will not stand there, gazing at magazines that I never

> > read, if I can hand over my money for my goods and LEAVE. It is sometimes

> > helpful to enlist the public sentiment, if the lines are truly obnoxious.

> > Comments made to no one in particular in the moments before you begin your

> > public campaign for another cashier: Is this Russia? Why should we waste

> > our time in line? This is America, Dammit!!!

> > You may mutter or holler this; I've done both. It depends on your mood.


> How can I say this pleasantly? FUCK YOU.

> As someone who works in retail to help pay for college I see that you're

> the kind of customer that we refer to as alternately, shithead, asshole,

> fuckbrain, dumbshit, botched abortion, pimple on the ass of an ass, Waco

> survivor, cratercranium, yuppie, or, as my manager puts, it, "He's just

> cranky cause his kids don't love him" and as my coworkers put it, "he's

> just cranky cause even his dog wouldn't fuck him."


I don't know Nully.. he didn't seem to have a problem with the cashiers.. just the store's policy of letting the lines get backed up in the first place. I don't blame him. It pisses me off too. Especially when I see how much time, money and effort they put into getting you INTO the store, and then deceiving you so that you will purchase stuff that you'd normally pass over.


I agree with him. I'm here, I shopped. DON'T make me wait to give you money. After all, this is the part that the customer likes least.. giving up cash. They should make EVERY effort to make this pass as quickly as possible.


I'm one of those people who will get pissed off and leave my unpurchased goods on the floor and walk out. This is no reflection on the cashier. It is MY statement to management that if they want my business, they had better stop taking me for granted. I also make it a point to go back to the VERY SAME store the next day and pick up the exact same items and wait in line to see if it got any better. And if it didn't, I put the items on the floor again.

Take the local supermarket for instance.. I've probably dropped about $50,000 in this particular store over the years and I'm only one person. That may not be a lot of money to them, but it sure is to me. And when I think of spending that much money and then I stand 12th in line (only 2 lanes are open out of 14) I certainly get irritated. I don't take it out on the cashier, but I make sure that the manager knows I resent being neglected. They made sure they had enough staff to mislabel the shelf items, they had enough staff to make sure that the meat was treated so that it stayed pink on the outside while turning brown on the inside, they had enough staff to laugh and tell jokes out in the back room while the lines formed at the deli counter and they had enough staff to huddle around bitching about the schedule or who is boinking the boss, all the while ignoring the fact that everyone is crowding into 2 lines at 6PM.



>Don't you think the people behind the counter are aware of the lines?

>If you think you're unhappy waiting on lines, think about how they

>spend every fucking day waiting on people like you.


And their real job is to .... ??


> And the next time someone

> smilingly comes up to you and asks, "What can I help you with today, Sir?"

> keep in mind that the part of the sentence they left off but WERE thinking

> is, "Perhaps you need some help removing your head from your ASS? Stay

> right here, I'll get the pliers."


Ah.. and this is why I should care so much that THEY are so 'put upon' for having to do the job that they signed up and get paid for??


> Most customers, you'd be surprised, are nice pleasant (if usually pink)

> people who are not deliberately trying to ruin your day. If you smile at

> them they'll smile back and understand that none of it is your fault, and

> you're doing your best and a job in retail doesn't pay big bucks but it's

> all you got. Maybe they understand that you have 8 o'clock classes and

> and work till 10 pm and then have to go home, do your homework and crash

> so you can get up in six hours and do it again. Maybe they've been there

> themselves.


I'm sure most do understand. I do too. But you shouldn't be surprised that when things get backed up, customers get upset.


> And then, of course, there's you, and people like you. What's your big

> fuckin rush, anyway? Gotta get home and try to make up with the dog? Open

> your eyes. If your life is ruled by your clock you're missing out on

> something. Probably there's lots you could be seeing but instead you're

> just watching the second hand go round and round.


See your own statement 2 paragraphs above..


My life IS ruled by a clock. I charge by the hour. And while I don't have any problem wasting time, I DO have a problem with someone else wasting MY time. It is MY TIME to waste, not anyone else's. If a merchant wants my money, s/h/it should make damned sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, but I'd even settle for quick and surly. Making me wait in line to give someone money is stupid.