Subject: Re: Bigger than Andy Kaufman?

Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 00:51:24 GMT

From: lurch@groundroasted.stryrofoambuzzard (RevLurch)

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"Captain America" <> wrote:

zapped. tired. wrote this fast. Strike while the ham is sizzling,

and you might have a chance, Cap. Once I've had a good night's sleep.

Ahhh. You don't wanna think about it.



>scroo dave wrote

> Captain America wrote:

>>>davewuzhereandfixedtheclock wrote


>>personally i could give a ratfuck what frud called anything (or jung

>>for that matter) although many retards do.

>So philosophers and psychiatrists are retards.

> Is that what you're saying?


Nah, I think what he said, or what he is saying (in your grammatically

and temporally distorted universe) is that obviously addlepated and

inarticulate cartoon-obessed buffoons that regard the dated, daffy,

unproven spew from the likes of Freud and Jung as gospel, and toss

their names around (along with likely misinterpreted scraps of their

useless mental meanderings) in a pitiful, transparent and failed

attempt to appear intelligent, are retards. And I agree with him.


>It sounds like it to me, because philosophers and psychiatrists are the

>people who study Freud and Jung. Your comment is a pretty silly statement.

>I'm betting you're pretty silly guy, but not very bright.


I'm noticing you speak kinda redundantly, saying the same things over

and over again more times than once and repeating yourself. That makes

you look silly and not very bright and dumb and real stupid, too.


>>just to expound on this clear case of projection of frud's if i am a

>>retard and i think coughman is a retard according to hoyle-grale frud,

>>coughman is a fucking retard too. right?


>Wrong! If you are a retard and you claim Andy Kaufman is a retard, Freud

>says you are still a retard and Andy Kaufman is still a genius. However

>because you are a retard, you can not understand Kaufman's genius and this

>makes you a jealous retard. I'm not telling you this because I believe it

>to be true. I'm just telling you what Freud would undoubtedly say is true.


Odd that you can be so sure about what the old dead drug addict and

admitted neurotic would say if he were here today. He wasn't very

consistent when he was a alive, and most of his frowardly poop and

dream-mother-cooz fixated snoring has fallen out of favor with the

current crop of drughappy, undisciplined and (like Freud) often

criminally irresponsible Ph.D toting crackpots that function within

the generously broad confines of the alleged science that is the study

of the mind. I for one will always be suspicious of the profession

(and it's twisted father Froood) that brought us shock treatments and

icepick lobotomies and the labeling of addiction to bucketloads of

their latest feelgood drugs as "cures." FART on Freud, and the

dumbshits that adhere to his simple-minded pansexual dialectic. I'll

admit, there are still a few supposedly educated folks that do. But

they are likely dumbshits, just like you. Besides, being called the

father of modern psychoanalysis is not unlike being branded the big

daddy of psychic hotlines. Both are highly profitable industries that

are rarely (if ever) required to justify their existence by offering

even the flimsiest evidence that their efforts produce positive,

repeatable results.


As for Jung, he finally got fed up with his pervo mentor's idiotic

attempts to attribute all human behavior (loon and non-loon) to

squeaky disembodied voices from between the legs, and struck out on

his own to develop equally unfounded and absurd nonsense. He not only

exceeded Freud in the production of unsubstantiated psuedo-scientific

garbage, but eventually embarked on a spaced-out spook hunt wherein

science was abandoned altogether in favor of spiritualism, in all it's

insidious, superstitious, begging-the-lighting-gods-not-to-fry-my-ass

forms. His legacy is the legitimization of alien abductions,

channelling, and all the rest of the sillyass newage slop this

de-evolving world is wallowing in.


In any case, get with it, Crapman, Freud is passe. Designer diseases

are where it's at. It ain't our mom's or our pecker's fault anymore.

It's in the blueprints. We were all BORN this way. Buying

respectability by getting a real scientist on the payroll and going on

a happy hunt for the fag gene and the fat gene and the

make-an-ass-out-of-yourself-on-the-usenet gene (which should be of

particular interest to you) and god knows what sort of chemical

imbalances, then correcting everything they find (and they always find

something, and people are always glad they did. HEY! It's not my

lazy, hysteric, whining asses' fault after all!) with DRUGS, DRUGS,

DRUGS, and getting rich, rich, rich. Freud was a goddam piker. He

never saw the true potential in unverifiable but erudite and

monacledgoatee smart guy in a sack-suit sonorously delivered

oversimplifications. But he'd be proud to see what his boys have done,

no doubt about that.



>>its not that i have trouble questioning ANYTHING i see on tv, i just

>>dont watch much, there is one always on, and if i happen to see that

>>something is on that i want to watch, ordinarilly it isnt going to be

>>anything very popular, i doubt thirty percent of americans are

>>watching the planes of ww][ tonite. as a matter of fact neither am i.


>Then I'm sure we are all very happy you have decided to share your opinion

>on a subject you know little, or nothing, about. Your Television viewing

>habits are extremely interesting! I will rest easier tonight now that I

>know your doing something other than watching C-Span. I wonder which hand

>you use to do that 'something.'


You are doing it again. The redundancy thing. This is a fine display

of dumbassedness.


Be sure to say "It sure is, and you are the one behind it." I'd

expect no less from the likes of you.


Why are you so interested in his hand? Tennis elbow wreck YOUR sex

life? Anyway, that bionics stuff wasn't really true, so don't send off

for the plans.


>>make me LAUGH i dare you! kayufman is supposed to be dead

>>time for somebody to step up to the plate - knock one outta the park

>>for old andy!


>O.K. how about "scroo dave actually decided to post this for all to see what

>he wrote." I'm splitting my gut.


Hari Kari is not a bad idea at this point. You have indeed disgraced




>>when you point out some basic truth people dont want to know, they

>>beat the shit out of you. - Rednek Hillbillies



>Is that a threat Grandpa? Actually I think that particular quote is

>normally attributed to Galileo, he was what you would likely call a retard.

>It is nearly identical to what I wrote:


Amazing debating tactic. If one rejects the words of one famous

psychobabbler and the goblin-degook conclusionless clabber of a

really-hip-to-pretend-you-like airbag, he must hold ALL educated men

in contempt, eh? Ya stupid bastard.



>When you point out some basic flaw in the illusion that people believe,

> nobody tends to reward you.-Jerry Casale


Basic flaw? That's stupid. If it's an illusion, the whole thing is



>Your mutated version is less eloquent and manages to add nothing to the

>original. Much like the rest of your post.


Hooo boy. You shore told him. Guess I should be shaking right now.

You'll be comin for me next.


but ya might wanna think twice.




>Captain America


>"There's a need for stupid people. The stupider, the better." - Anton

>Szandor LaVey


Yeppers. For once you scatter some sense. And it is nice of you to

make yourself useful. So many in the sad, apathetic West don't bother.


good show!