Subject: Re: It is only by HATE that I can be Yeti

Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 10:47:36 -0700

From: "Dr. Ginsu" <>

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I don't know, Lynch. I don't consider balls-to-the-wind,

hand-to-the-stump TERROR to necessarily be cowing. Y'know, tere are

some things that we ought to be afraid of: Slackless "Bob", NHGH, guns

handled by inner-city children who have no couth and too many TV

westerns on the back of their Platonic skull-cave brain cavities,

shooting at nothing in particular and mowing down hundreds of innocent

bystanders in an effort to rub out one member of the opposite gand who

happened to disrespect their particular choice of Nike basketball shoe,

and flat or warm Heinekin. And possibly Dr. Legume, but I'm not sure

that I can properly fear anyone who has such a natural talent for animal husbandry.

Keep It Up,

Dr. Ginsu


Doktor D wrote:

> On Wed, 01 Oct 1997 13:14:17 -0700, "Dr. Ginsu"

> <> wrote:


>The bloody difference being that Legume really DOES have to

> >beat Stang's ass to feel superior. I mean, think about it.

> > Stang: 98 pound weakling, wrestled into humility by a bunch of

> > girls. Legume: scary, six-foot, drug-addled biker type with

> >guns and a grudge against YOU.

> >And me. And Stang.



Ah, yes. The whimper of the neurotic Subgenius youth, cowering in

terror at the bigger kid's threat:


"I can beat you up."


At the slightest threat of VIOLENCE, do the Subgenii collapse as

gutless wonders? Or do we see through the facade? Legume's fists

vs. my SLACK, who wins? If we were Winston Smith, we could shout "Do

it to HER", but as Yeti, we have nothing to betray. We are all as

much- or as little- in control of our destinies as each other.