Subject: Kibology vs. Church of the Subgenius

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 15:46:31 GMT

From: (Doktor D)

Organization: Occidental Ministries

Newsgroups: alt.slack,, alt.religion.kibology

References: 1 , 2 , 3


On Fri, 10 Oct 1997 13:37:45 GMT, FeralOne@Infinity.Org (Unit CLXXX)


> Years as a kibologist have taught me the futility of

> asking serious questions. You're Allowed, though.

> Your mission, should you decide to accept: Post one

> essay, 42 lines or less, comparing and contrasting

> Kibology and Slack. You may use acronyms as desired.



Kibology is like Discordianism without the conspiracies, plus it works

better on the net. And there are more geeks. Subgenii aren't nearly

as happy-go-lucky as Kibologists, and many of them are serious about

the CotSG as a religion. Subgenii also don't watch as much TV as

Kibologists. At their worst, Subgenii are bitter and marginally

psychotic. At their best, Subgenii are frenetically gutbusting and

abstrusely sage simultaneously. The Subgenii, for all their cynicism,

are attempting to deal with the constraints of human acceptance and

invoke a state of transcendent mundaneness, AKA Slack, on earth,

making the most of a bad deal. Kibologists don't feel the same time

constraints and are content to continue a laid-back strategy of

cultural cross-hatching. Subgenii use the accidents of culture in an

attempt to transcend culture. Their one concession to conventional

discourse seems to be the tendency for IRC devivals to devolve into

discussions of their favourite rock bands.


To see the contrast in action, compare how kibologists and subgenii

follow up to this post.


That wasn't an essay, but WTF.