Subject: Herbert the Mindfuck

Date: 27 Sep 1997 07:54:34 GMT

From: Big Nasty <>

Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services

Newsgroups: alt.slack


In my CAD files is a design for a starship.

I wrestled seriously with the problems involved, took no shortcuts, and

made what seems a workable design - just the reaction chamber for the

main drive would beggar an average nation.


Then I see something like DS9 where clouds of Klingon ships materialize

by the dozen. Flights of Fantasy are fine - except when they keep you

from seeing reality.


Sumbitch is nearly 5 miles long. Has to be to get everything on board

that you need to keep people alive indefinitely in an ultrahostile

environment where no sun shines... ever. It's a big engine with a tiny

pimple on its ass where people live.


The combined resources of all the nations of earth couldn't build it -

it is the utter Pipe Dream. A Spacefaring civilization would have to

be like the Klingons - total warlike ethos that must rape entire worlds to

maintain a fleet of ships - to go find planets to rape - to maintain

ships - to find planets....


So I put my money on the cant that anyone you encounter out there is




Like it fuckin matters.


Except that it does, considering that most people exist solely for the

aim of raising a generation of humans. That's it - all there is.

No other animus. I came, I saw, I came, you came, they came.

The excuses we hold up in the face of Pitiless Nature; Love, God,

Science, Magic, Colonizing new worlds....... what are these to the

things that scuttle behind our refrigerators?


But this will be Their World when all our bones are securely encased in

the rockbeds yet to come; we will be as alien to them as the saurians are

to us, when insecta paleontologists dig us up in the distant future and

put us in museums.


So what's so important about the Affairs of Humanity? Eh? Our turn on the

Wheel O' Extinction is in the works, and all the Wonders of Man will vanish

as if they never were; the great buildings will crumble, the roads will wash

away in the rain, the plutonium will turn to lead. How about those who feel

all Creation nust cease when Humanity ends - what arrogance. We think a

million years is a long time but it's a blip on the universal clock.....


Perhaps Slack is a way to face Reality; accept it for what it is and not

be weird about it; escape the Rat Dance. Find the One Thing that isn't

Bullshit in the face of Nature.


Simple Joy of Being.

Quit yer fuckin cryin