Subject: Re: It is only by HATE that I can be Yeti

Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 02:22:21 GMT (Doktor D)

Organization: Occidental Ministries

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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On 1 Oct 1997 06:21:31 GMT, (Legume666) wrote:

>Pinko Jocks LIKE to go out gay-bashing. Get it right. I don't NEED to

>beat Stang; I WANT to beat Stang. Brutally. Because it will be fun.

>How do you know Stang will lose? Deal with YOUR OWN fears before

>dismissing Rev.Stang. He may yet have an ace up his sleeve. If he

>were such easy prey (as YOU seem to be), I would scarcely waste my

>time pummeling him.


Snappy. But you still failed to differentiate between yourself and

Pink jocks (like vs. want? What the hell difference is THAT?), nor

have you offered much reason for a schism other than that Ivan is

pretending to be weak in hate lately. Hate with no purpose (because

it'll be FUN? Do you tire so easily with the enemy, do you

overestimate our position so much, that you feel the need to turn from

them entirely? That it is no longer WORTH savagely ripping apart the

legions of the weak because it's EASY? If anything, why not go for

the Rogues; do not forget that the world is filled, in fact, its REAL

leaders are, those who were born into our kind but embraced the wiles

of the Conspiracy.) is as bad as no hate at all.


You know, the Jesus freaks say "hate the sin, love the sinner". With

us, as it always is, it's a bit different. We hate the sinner- the

foul trepidations of JHVH-1, the aggregate powers of the Conspiracy-

but we LOVE THE SIN, and every single one of us here today is a sin

brought to life. We have love in our hearts for every time something



So then, why are you here today? Why do wrestling matches have heels?

Why does the devil have an advocate? Why did we bomb the shit out of

Dresden? This face of false opposition in the Church will bring us

greater strength. Not only is it class showmanship, it reminds us of

the true meaning of the core Subgenius Values, and challenges us to

greater victories in the name of "Bob". Dr. Legume, you are an

inspiration to us all; I salute you.