Subject: Re: True love means not takin easy way out.

Date: 6 Oct 1997 01:04:24 -0400

From: (Doktor DynaSoar Iridium)


Organization: Yetii Genetii Research InstiToot

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References: 1 , 2 (Lou Duchez) collapsed wave functions that formed:

} (Big Nasty) said:


}> -my Dear

}> I am somethin ya don't see much of in this pussy-whip palace:

}> a YETI




}Now see, that's where I gotta disagree with you. A *real* Yeti

}doesn't need to prove himself by acting all burly-like to someone who

}couldn't find it in her heart to respond in kind. In fact, I can't

}think of a Pinker weaselly behavior.


}Let's approach it from a more life-affirming direction ... if you feel

}the need to conquer others, it is likely because you do not sense any

}intrinsic value in yourself. Thus you must prove yourself in battle

}because, without battle, you feel you have no basis for self-esteem.


}The irony is, if you simply ASSUMED you had intrinsic value, not only

}wouldn't you feel the need to conquer others, you WOULD suddenly

}demonstrate intrinsic value. It's all self-fulfilling.


}So not only is Sophia "her best", she is also "your better". The

}proof is in how little she tries to prove it.



With all respect to my brother (no, I'm not going anywhere) I have to

agree with Lou. No matter her invectives for whatever reasons, she is

and always will be a Once Born and capable of a kind of sight most of

us can never experience. And, she has no need to prove, because she

just is, and has no choice but to be just as she is.


Anyone's life is rewarded just having the input from an unfiltered

personality. Mine is less for not being able to coexist with such a

personality. My loss is, however, no indication of lack of validity

of a Once Born's vision. My affective response says quite the

opposite. I have to count myself among the *least* lucky because I

can't coexist.


Those that must consider lack of emotion to be more a measure of

individuality than reaction to emotion, fuck you until the particular

hole turns blue.



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