Subject: Re: I think we're all from Mars

Date: 11 Oct 1997 00:18:46 -0400

From: (Doktor DynaSoar Iridium)


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Matthew Kruk <> collapsed wave functions that formed:

}Was reading the news today that Scientists think that Mars may have a

}core similar to Earth and Mercury. Specifically, Mars may have a

}crust, a mantle and an iron core and, thus, may have once been warm.


}One of my all time interesting thoughts, applicable to those sunny

}afternoons in summer in the backyard with a six pack by my side, has

}been that some day we explore Mars and colonize it (golden srches

}etc.). One day, an archaeologist digging around discovers existence

}of past life on Mars. After much digging, it is discovered (bodies

}etc) that we are related to Mars.


}Indeed, I daydream that we polluted Mars badly. Destroyed the

}atmosphere, soil, peed on the golden arches during freshmen week

}stunts etc. but we were technically superior and left for our

}neighbor . Many people poo-poohed the idea and said that we would

}drown in all that water over "there" - if the heat, from being closer

}to the sun, didn't get to us first.


}It's just an interesting daydream. I'm certain Rod Serling could've

}done something with my idea.


Then here's one for you:

We've been on this planet for millions of years. By sheer force of

evolution our circadian rhythm should match this planet's rotational

period. Those whose circadian rhythm was off would end up living on a

different cycle than the day/night cycle that most adhere to and so not

interact successfully with others socially.


Our circadian rhythm is not 24 hours long. It's 25 hours.

Maybe the Earth's rotational period has changed since we've evolved?

Sure, it has. It used to be FASTER -- less than 24 hours.


What planet has a 25 hour rotational period? Mars.


I gave this problem to my intro psych class for their lecture on sleep

and circadian cycles. I don't have an answer for them other than this



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