Subject: Re: To build Dobbstown

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 17:12:39 GMT

From: (Doktor D)

Organization: Occidental Ministries

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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On 10 Oct 1997 21:42:42 GMT, wolf@doggie.doo (B9 Predator) wrote:

> This post got me to thinking. Um, I know it sounds crazy but, what if

>"Bob" got it all wrong? I mean, what if it's actually the leaders of

>the CON who escape in the saucers and the subgenii are left behind

>with the pinks? It only stands to reason that the leaders of the CON

>would make out, they *always* do.


If the leaders of the CON made off on the ships, they wouldn't be

going to Planet X, because they're incapable of experiencing the joys

to be found there. Remember, Pinks CANNOT have Slack, only False

Slack. So it's simple. With the leaders of the CON out of the way,

WE take over, enslave and kill the humans for our own purposes, and

modify the Laser Project to blow up the X-ists, just like in "Space

Invaders", except they're trying to GET AWAY. Even if we ARE taken

off on the saucers the possibility is not negligible that

telepathically controlled clones will be left on earth in order that

we Subgenii may profit by getting our revenge on the Pinks and

Normals. We don't just want to RUN, y'know. In fact, some of my

sources claim that some of these so-called "Alien Abductions" are not

just hapless pranks to fool the Pinks, but are actually SUBGENIUS

COMING OF AGE CEREMONIES. In the days since the Return of the Xists

in 1989 (the REAL X-day, which date was hidden either by "Bob"'s

incompetence or a desire to dupe the Conspiracy, with us Yeti being

unwittingly duped out of necessity, in the knowledge that we'd figure

it out eventually anyway, and hell, we could survive nine years not

even KNOWING we were under the reign of "Bob", everything would be

made clear on X-day, except for the stuff which would be made even

more confusing) a ritual known as the "Subgenius Rite of Passage" has

sprouted up in areas not occupied by the official Church

superstructure. Part of this ritual, which will not be fully

explained at this time because of possible trade secret violations,

involves the arrival of the X-ists to "abduct" one's fleshly form (in

reality to put it in its proper place on the saucers of the alien sex

goddesses) and leave a clone, only latently activated, in its place,

with all knowledge of the purpose of the ceremonies never to be

revealed in public, for the agents of "Bob" know that the Conspiracy,

having bootstrapped itself, will come up with all kinds of

"explanations" for this rather than having to admit that they've

already lost. In fact this also helps to explain why Subgenii

typically suffer such tortured and hellish youths. Indeed, it takes

some of them DECADES to realize that their salvation has already come

and that they have been transfigured. Hopefully the "official" X-day

will speed up that process for some folks.


"You were s'posed to laugh!"- Zippy