Subject: Alien Economies

Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 21:43:42 GMT

From: (Grantland)

Organization: opinions international etc.

Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors, alt.slack, alt.society.neutopia, za.flame


Suppose a new science of Complexity could show that the human

economy was actually an entirely natural organic phenomenon of Mother

Nature - an inevitable SUPER-ORGANISM obedient to Complex laws

ubiquitous throughout the universe.


"An economy interracts within itself like a giant brain, with as

many neurons as there are people, as many interactions as there are

things that they buy and services they sell. People who will never

meet affect each other through a dense network of dispersed

information processed interactively; every cause an effect, and every

effect a cause. The entire entity is an organic, information-

processing organism, vastly too convoluted for any puny human (or

politburo thereof) to comprehend, let alone control.


If one thinks of the economy as a plant, growth conditions are most

favourable when the individual cells are given maximum freedom to

develop, within the constraints of a rigid Rule of Law. The law

provides the framework on which an economy grows; and freedom the

fertilizer. To meddle with these growth conditions is directly to

institute sub-optimal growth."


Suppose that economies of specialization and trade were always and

everywhere an inevitable consequence of technological intelligence -

once other, dysfunctional methodologies have been tried and disgarded.

Advanced aliens (ie those likely to visit the earth) therefore have

GOT to be CAPITALISTS!!! Yes!! The aliens are all CAPITALISTS! Chew

on that.