Subject: Re: Attn: Dr. Legume

Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 14:07:27 -0400

From: "Rev. Edward Strange" <>

Organization: Enter.Net

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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nu-monet wrote:


> This letter just bespoke to me of Dr. Legume.

> Followed by several pages bdout a transvestite and his cats that nobody here cares about.



I never cease to understand the insistance to refer to male

transvestites as "she". These same people tend to be very long-winded,

repetitive and overly sensitive. These are just the sort of people who

will have their backs to the wall when the revolution comes.

The concept of any behavior being OK based on the personal feelings of

the participants has become the central idea of a whole new generation

of whiners. This philosophy ignores how those outside this sphere of

self-delusion may react to their behavior and leaves them unprepared for

the "grim meathook realities" that lurk behind the face of every


Wheather it's cross-dressing or wearing 100 spoons on their heads,

these people seem surprised when people like me call them a fucking

idiot to their face. Just because up like to dress up like a girl

doesn't make you one. I can not and will not think of you as such. Nor

should anyone else with a free mind. The free thinking thing to do is to

address the reality of all things and not mollycoddle the personal

insecurities of others at the expense of being honest with ourselves.

Sory but this type of shit pisses me off.

This goes for all of those slugs who trully believed that the saucers

would show up. Don't be upset that the world didn't end, BECAUSE FOR YOU

IT DID!! I saw your faces and heard your lame attempts to explain away

the non-event as a spiritual happening. You put your faith in a pipe

dream and had it crushed by full frontal reality. You were all little

boys wearing skirts pretending to be girls. Sooner or later you catch

yourself peeing while standing up and have to wrap yourself in another

layer of self denial.

The only people amongst you who have managed to gain my respect are

those who didn't spend my time trying to convince me that they were

something they weren't. Unfortunately, it's a very short list. Those

luck enough to be on it have a friend in the grim three dimentional

world of cold reality. The rest of you can piss on each other and tell

yourselves it's raining in your one dimensional storefront western

cutout town.


Rev. Edward Strange Esq.

Voodoo Priest of Reality