Subject: Jesfukinarown

Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 09:26:38 GMT (Doktor DynaSoar) Organization: Cabal Network Security

Newsgroups: alt.slack


Today I saw a picture of the reticular nucleus of the thalamus

deactivating and and the ventral lateral nucleus activating, right beneath

it. People knew they were connected, but no one ever saw a picture that

showed it before. I saw something today that nobody else ever has. I did

it before with my EEG, but that was easy because nobody looks at chaotic

attractors as spectral data. This I saw as just plain old blinky lights

on functional MRI pictures.


The most likely explanation (reticular deactivation -- reticular is

inhibitory to the rest of the thalamus -- deactivation means the rest of

the thalamus activating -- ventral lateral thalamic activation is

preparatory to motor reponse -- preparing to do something) is that the

person heard that WEIRD DAMN SOUUND when the MRI fires and they (thalalmic

control of motor response system) thought JEEZ WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT, I



Today I saw the middle of someone's brain getting the shit scared out of

it, and was the first to recognize that this is what it was.


Henceforth, my name will be on the WHOA, SHIT nucleus of the thalamus.


I thought it was pretty neat. My boss thought it was something else.

She's dragging me up to the MRI site 200 miles way on Sunday AM and

dragging the MRI people in to there lab there then too to show them what I



The best part is I did it with what I know about functional wiring, and

with the help of an undergrad in pre-med who knows the anatomy real well

who could tell me WHAT parts it was I was seeing working, and he and I

just hit this peak experience in understanding, doing science. For all my

boss's raving, it counts for nothing against the high we got from being

the first to see it, then work out what it was, and prove we found what

everyone thought they knew but no one ever saw before.


And THIS children, THIS is what I got by quiting my job for "Bob".


Oh ye of little faith: you dumbasses.


-- (@ @)\DynaSoar\___, Doktor DynaSoar Iridium, Scienfictiontologist ll ll

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