Subject: Am I getting there?

Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 05:24:53 GMT


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Newsgroups: alt.slack


I live in a place that's dominated by pissed off people who say they are

"religious", who say that everything that's wrong with the world stems from

"when they took religion out of the schools, that's when the world started

going to hell", who claim to have the "work ethic", rude, singular,

self-minded people who believe that if you don't think like them, you're

wrong. If you live here, and you're even slightly different, you're an

outsider who gets substandard treatment. I've always known there was

something very wrong with all this. The other day I had a breakdown in my

car, and I limped it into the car parts store where I bought what I needed. I

had no choice but to replace the water pump there in the parking lot, I would

have burned up the engine within minutes otherwise. A half hour or so later,

some guy walked up to me with a cold can of soda in his hand, asking me if I

wanted it, it being 95 degrees and me being covered in grease and sweat, it

was hard to refuse, so I took it. I opened my wallet and tried to hand him a

dollar, but he refused. These acts of kindness don't happen much where I

live, I was a little skeptical, so I asked him "why"? All he said was "I've

got slack". I laughed and said "I gotta get me some". Then he told me, "It'll

change your life when you do". Before this happened to me, I was content with

conforming, and now that thought makes me sick. I'm happier now, I'm doing

things I want to do, and I don't care as much what anyone thinks about it.

I'm a single guy, and women are actually looking at me in a good way now. I

was in a store, and a woman asked me out! (This never happens) Is this part

of what having "slack" does for a person? Sign me up, I wanna get some before

it's all gone.