Subject: Bug porn

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 14:18:56 -0800

From: "Rev. Boblight" <>

Organization: Monkey Agitation Network

Newsgroups: alt.slack


Virgin's Tale


I had just broken out of my ootheca a few days ago, and I was feeling

pretty bummed. My friends decided that it was time that I get out and

stop moping about. After a lot of persuasion they convinced me to go

with them to an aphid farm in the clearing.


The lights were flashing and I lost sight of my friends almost

immediately. I could feel the thump of the aphids as I made my way

through the crowded farm in search of them. As I approached the guard

ants, I could feel eyes on me. I scanned the crowed looking for the

owner of the gaze, and my eyes immediately locked on him. God, he was

gorgeous. Tall, at least 6", with an elongated build. Narrow shoulders

and slim abdomen. His tousled dark hairs fell across his forelegs, and

his eyeparts, the color of which I couldn't quite make out, made me



Keeping his eyeparts trained on me, he made his way through the press of

bodies in the farm. When he reached my side he took me by the foreleg

and led me into the clearing. Placing his forelegs on my slender

abdomen, we began to dance. I turned around and he pressed his

subgenital plate against my paraprocts. I could feel his plate opening

as we began to rotate our hips. I was so hot for him that I could barely



He turned me around so that he could see my face. His hand slid up my

side, exploring my curves. He pushed his foreleg into my hairs, holding

my head as he leaned down to capture my mouthparts. The kiss was like a

jolt of electricity. I could feel it all down my body. My musculature

hardened as his proboscis probed the cold, dry recesses of my

mouthparts. Breaking the kiss, he slid his mandibles across my cheek and

to my auricle. Nibbling, he sucked my hairs into his mouthparts, and

then whispered in my ear, "Let's go."


I nodded slightly and he took my foreleg, leading me across the aphid

farm. On our way out of the club I saw one of my friends and waved

goodbye. She smiled and gave me a foreleg up as we passed her. We walked

to his hole and he pushed me in. He slid in behind and immediately took

me up in his legs. His forelegs were everywhere. He cupped my thorax

with his left foreleg and flicked my muscles through the barrier of my

chitin. The ache between my hindlegs was becoming unbearable. I moved my

foreleg down his thorax, feeling his rippling muscles through his

chitin. I kept moving my foreleg down his body until I reached his

subgenital plate. I rubbed his hard membrane through his chitin and he

moaned low in his throat.


Lifting his mouthparts from mine, he put his forelegs in the dirt and

started to dig. As he pulled out of the hole, I began to open his plate.

I reached in and pulled his eager membrane from the recesses of his

abdomen. Taking my foreleg, I stroked down the length of his member. I

stroked it up and down a few more times and then leaned down and licked

the seminal fluid off of the tip. "Oh, God," I heard him groan, as I

sucked the edge into my cold, dark mouth. I rolled my mandibles around

the tips as I used my foreleg to caress his accessory glands. I rolled

them between my hairs and opened my mouthparts wider so that I could

suck more of his membrane into my mouth. Sucking gently, I moved my head

up and down on him while I continued to play with his glands. Sucking

and sucking I moved my head up and down, faster and faster. Finally,

with a half-groan half-shout, he came in my mouth. I could feel his hot

semen sliding down my throat as I swallowed. Keeping my lips tight I

moved my mouth up the breadth of his sheet, sucking to make sure that I

got every last drop of his liquid.


Just as I was sitting up, he stopped and opened a passage in front of

his primary lair. We got out of the hole and hurried out the passage to

his lair. As soon as he got in we were inside we began kissing again.

His forelegs seemed to be touching every part of my body at once.

Cupping my thorax, he caressed my spiracles with his hairs. I moaned as

the intense pleasure exploding in my thorax shot down my body and

centered itself between my hindlegs. He lowered his head and sucked my

right spiracle into his mouthparts, gently scraping it with his

mandibles. My spermatheca was inflamed with my excitement. "Please...,"

I moaned. He lifted his head and looked deep into my eyes. Compound, I

realized. He had the most beautiful compound eyes. Then he smiled

seductively and took my foreleg, leading me to his mating chamber.


Slipping his hand down my abdomen and into my subgenital plate, his

hairs just brushed my genital aperture. He cupped my mound in his

foreleg and probed my angles with his hairs. He brushed my accessory

gland and elicited a moan from me. I had never wanted anybody as much as

I wanted him at that moment. He slid his head up to my mandibles and

offered it to me. I devoured the inhibitory ganglia inside with relish,

then lied down and moved my foreleg between my hindlegs. I started to

rub my accessory glands as I watched him shudder. He was all bronzed

chitin and muscle and his membrane was already unfolding again.


He sat down and wrapped his foreleg around mine. Lifting my foreleg to

his stump, he wet my coxa with his blood. Spreading my hindlegs, he

situated himself with his stump between my coxa. He took his forelegs

and parted my subgenital plates. Laying there, with him pointed at the

most intimate part of my anatomy was such a turn-on. I almost came right

then. His blood flicked out and slid over my accessory glands. He took

his foreleg and slipped his middle coxa into my dry hole. He was

coxa-fucking me and spurting blood on my accessory glands, and in no

time at all, my body was shaking with the intense feelings of my orgasm.


He removed his coxa from my genital opening and once again parted my

plates. He kept bleeding on my genitalia. I reached down and grasped his

stump, arching my hindlegs to reach his spasming neck. Then he blew hard

on my accessory glands and pulled on it, ever so gently, with his

sucking wound. That was all it took to send me into another abyss of



He lifted his head and smiled up at me. "Umm... you tasted so good," I

said. He moved his body up the length of mine and rubbed me deeply. I

could taste my own wetness on his lips. He grasped his membrane and

slid it jerkily up and down the length of my cold slit, lubricating it

with his juices and taking me to the brink of another orgasm. "Brrble

kllk kllk fshzzz?" he whispered.


"Yes, please...," I moaned.




"I want you to put your hard membrane deep into my genital opening."


"Krrr krrr?"


"Oh, God. Yes, please."


"KSSSSHHHH," he commanded.


"Please, fuck me. Please."


With that he pushed the head of his membrane into my oviduct. I could

feel myself stretching around him as he slipped deeper inside of me. I

wrapped my hindlegs around his back as he began to brainlessly pump in

and out of my genitalia. He moved faster and faster, in and out, in and

out. He reached down between our bodies and caressed my accessory glands

as he fucked me. Soon my oviduct clenched around his membrane as I

exploded into my third orgasm. With a groan of satisfaction, he rammed

himself to the hilt and arched his back as he shot his load deep into my

spermatheca. I could feel each pump. It felt so damn good. Spasming

heavily, he collapsed on top of me. He rolled to his side and I ripped

deep into his abdomen. After devouring him, I was completely exhausted,

and as I started drifting off to sleep, I thought to myself, "I wonder

what his name was."