Subject: Let's Get MegaLizabethan

Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 19:42:59 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

Organization: MotPU: Where Binary Moodswings are ALWAYS on the Menu

Newsgroups: alt.foot.fat-free, alt.slack


Wherefor-the-fuck art the BACON? Hast thou not, through constant

tangling learned whatnot about such shit? Nay, though your dulcet lip

music is as a balm to one who lacks the salty skin of need, yet you

wouldst insist on fucking singing it!


I charge thee, tender well my ears for BACON. I would not lose them

were it here to hear. Nay, they are not for fucking practice! Wouldst

that we should blow our nails together content in discontent and in

plainness should confess THE DEVIL'S OWN BACON and keep thy tongue to



Now is the sunset of our pork products, and in this closing happy time

of trials belike we must have a harpy upon ourselves to remember best

that hell hath the merest warm waftings next to the trotfire of the

flaming flesh pit that is to come!


Therefore frame your manners to the time and wring my ears with BACON

or face the sad chance which thy diseases earn a thousand times!


That's the way the pork wags, I say. Thou art not daunting my ears

with roars of "BACON!" Rather, by my fay, thou art a poor and

loathsome courier of "Gee whiz!" striving mightily and slipping the

inconstant frenzied bacon in its stead!


I beseech you, softly, WHERE'S THE FUCKING BACON?



Spunky: "Lookit all the foot prints! Lotsa people were here!"

Sparky: "OR it was ONE THING with a jillion feet."

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