Subject: Re: The other side of teenage lust

From: bg19354@binghamton.eduNOSPAM (Nully Fydyan)

Date: 1997/09/01

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 > Dr. Hieronymous Zinn ( wrote:

> :

> : 4) Don't leave sex in the category of "it will happen when

> : it happens." If he meets up with a partner who has a "hi,

> : my name is 'X', let's have sex" attitude, he can be assured

> : that that partner is seriously sick in the head, or worse, has

> : an ulterior motive. If they care enough about you to have sex,

> : then they should care enough to talk about it (at length) first.


> HEY! That's _my_ attitude! Goddammit, sex doesn't always HAVE to be

> a deep expression of love and commitment (though admittedly it's better

> when it is).


Right. Sex can just be sex. Good, hot, unbelievably exciting (and safe,

of course) sex can be had with strangers. I think the idea that people

need to be mated for life (or at least a little while) in order to enjoy

their own and each other's bodies is quite questionable. What's wrong

with enjoying a friend/stranger/future lover? As long as everybody goes

into in consentingly and with agreeded upon limits (read very differently

for s/m), sex is, quite simply, a lot of fun. My one rule that is _never_

broken: anybody has the right to stop the action at any time for any



Is sex better with the one you love? Sure, it can be, but unfortunately,

it's not always. And who wants to wait around for "the one"? You could

waste your life away doing that. Not for me, thanks. Sex can be an

expression of love, but it can also be just plain fun, a way to burn off

anger, stress, aggression, or even a relief from boredom.


Rev. Nully Fydyan

Church of the Ungendered Yeti