Subject: Re: Newbie says Hi again!

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 22:38:33 -0500

From: König Preuße <>

Organization: Lou Minotti&The Clamsauce Enema Band

Newsgroups:, alt.slack

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S.Wilhelm wrote:


> Found this on And here I thought I had seen some long-winded

> flames/trolls :)


> B e n j y C o m p s o n wrote in message

> <>...

> > (Lucile Gertrude Buckingham) wrote:

> >

> >>

> >>Maybe if someone demonstrated flaming, it would help illustrate.

> >>

> >>AOL is sooooo much fun, but there is much to learn. <sigh>

> >

> ></flame on>

> >You asked for it, and we aim to please. Read the FAQ's for this ng.

> >You are so stupid you make Beavis and Butt-Head look like Nobel Prize

> >winners. You clearly show yourself to be the most neanderthal, snotty,

> >first against the wall when the revolution comes, raving,

> >hemorrhoidal, misogynistic, slope-browed, eye-rollingly sub-human,

> >crappy, threat to the gene pool, backwards, in-bred, sack of pus,

> >walking advertisement for a state sponsored sterility program,

> >boot-licking, unfit for human consumption, irritating, disgusting,

> >onerous, worse speller than I, glassy-eyed, flame-inviting, creepy,

> >spiritually devoid, whiny, needing of professional supervision,

> >humorless, vile, sexually-undesirable, hell's pawn, lacking in any

> >sort of grace, or erudition, "Me-Too" posting, addled, unrepentantly

> >and wickedly perverse, trash-talking, toejam sniffing, anus for a

> >mouth, toadlike, trying on one's patience, filthy, sheet and pointy

> >hat wearing, evil, reprehensible, mucus dripping, just turn them

> >insideout for a few more days, smelly underthings wearing, no neuron,

> >sunken chested, piss-poor, foul-mouthed, scum-sucking, rent-boy,

> >sickeningly ugly, clue repulsing, trailer park loving,

> >"Make-Money-Fast" spamming, bringing a pen knife of an intellect

> >to a nukefest of a battle of wits, incapable of coming to terms with

> >your own wretched existence, white-trash, boorish, rat-like, living

> >proof of why cousins shouldn't marry, can't be allowed sharp objects,

> >socially inept, classless, inexcusable, plaid pants wearing, zt00pId

> >laMer Ta1k3inG, netscape enhanced, internet sniping, offensive,

> >hate-filled, god-damnedest, insulting, unredeemable, make me wish I

> >had a big hammer to beat some sense into you, fearlessly posting

> >stupid and disgusting insults, idiot that ever has ever obtained

> >Usenet access.

> >

> >You organometallic, anthropoid moron. I have at least a dozen of

> >these posts, in which others have asked me to flame them. Be careful

> >what you wish for, you tottering, hellhated clotpole, you may just get

> >it. And, you cannot complain about getting what you asked for.

> >

> > disowns you. You are stercus non gratus, you do

> >nothing but bait and complain. You are worthless. You contribute

> >nothing but irritation, like the carbuncle you truly are. Your

> >cowardly habits of inflammatory posting, and then disingeouous "help

> >me" posts, are truly despicable.

> >

> >You are incredibly stupid. You don't seem to fathom that I can't see

> >what you write, because you are twit filtered. I circumvented the

> >filter, this once, because of the incredible accumulation of your

> >indescretions. You insult and demean the members of this newsgroup,

> >many of whom I count as friends, and you dishonor their efforts to

> >help Mr. Steve Case. You are back in the twit filter, and you can go

> >to hell.

> ></flame off>

> >

> >But of course, I'm a troll, not a flamer, so someone else might have a

> >better example.

> >

> >Hope that helps!

> >BC



Not bad for a warmup!

Now show us what you got!