Subject: Re: Souperbowl of Dumm

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 19:08:39 GMT

From: (RevLurch)

Reply-To: Slug Pot Pie

Organization: or lack of same

Newsgroups: alt.slack

References: 1 , 2 wrote:


>Which is the dumbest group of bobbies out there? Is it Web tv

>users or AOL?


>My deep seated suspicion is that Web tv wins and the point spread is

>oh, about 30 IQ points in the AOL'es favor.


Well, I think the honor has to go to would-be elitists that would

heap opprobrium on certain people while trying to generate a

feeling of smug, superior comraderie with others, relying solely on

the mechanism by which they access this vast cyber-sewer to make their

stupidassed, blanket differentiations.


Try judging people by their words, not their goddam server. Bullshit

is bullshit, and it makes no difference to me whether it ended up

hanging on my screen by way of a real nerd-approved ISP or a cheesy

and much maligned WEBTEEVEE. Your post, in fact, is proof aplenty that

using an ISP is no guarantee that what others see will be any less of

a dumbass load of shit than the author was mentally capable of making

it be. THAT any fool can plainly see. Even one with WEBTEEVEE