Subject: Re: Oh no! don't get him started again!!!!

Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 19:57:08 GMT

From: ManFromNantucket@Martha'sVineyard (Schnozola)

Reply-To: The Sheetrocker's Apprentice

Organization: Wax Moose Teeth

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>>From: Steve Gomolski <>

>>Subject: Re: Rev. Tarla Star takes on mental midgets

>>Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 23:27:39 -0500


>>Pastor Craig wrote:


>>> I think you've made a very good point. There seems to be an instintive

>>> urge among the less evolved to make fun of ugly people. I beleive this

>>> is an evolutionary trait, based on natural selection of symetry.


>>Hey man,


>>I met you at the X-Day drill. Shit, you aren't ugly. I'd screw you

>>myself if I were so inclined towards such things. Come to think of it,

>>money could overcome even my hetrosexuality if there's enough of it.


>Now this is a first. Well, Steve, let me propose something less extreme.

>There are plenty of females who have over the course of time said things

>to the effect "Oh, you're not ugly. I would do you if I wasn't hanging

>on the penis of a hair farmer." Of course, they're lying, but, perhaps

>they might do you! That girl who just broke up with Dynosoar, the one

>with too many names, might be a good canidate if she could be convinced

>to come to the X-day celebration. Then at least one of us would be

>getting some.


>>Craig, old boy, between you and me, I hate the fucking pecking order as

>>much as I do the drug laws. The laws of this land persecute the wrong

>>people sometimes. It's the assholes who judge everyone based on their

>>social connections, dress, looks, country club and such that ought to

>>share a few nights in a cell with Bubba the butt rapist.


>On July 5 1998, these pink boys are going to WISH they were enjoying the

>tender embrace of Bubba compared to the hunka hunka hunk of burning love

>the X-ists are bringing.


>In a way, I feel sorry sometimes for the pretty boys, hair farmers and

>wallet pumpers. When you're getting so much that you don't know what to

>do with it, it's easy to lose sight of the conspiracy, kick back with a

>cheap conspiracy street beverage and convince yourself that the life of

>a pink is good.


if they are, it is, dumbo.