Jaffo, you are WAY wrong if you think that the CONspiracy that

we fight is merely delusionary. You are also way wrong in

thinking that music appreciation is strictly a subjective

phenomenom that cannot be investigated in a purely rational,

objective study, but not in this post.


When Rand McNally wrote Atlas Shrugged, she identified

an "inverted morality" that was fueled and driven by

ANTI-LIFE. She postulated that an ANTI-LIFE orientation

necessarily led it's victims to hold destruction and

degradation as a substitute for production and celebration,

unable to recognize or value the difference. Well, she saw

PART of the problem, at least.


And YOU recognised that part, right, Jaffo? I mean, the

mewling hordes that were left to die -they DESERVED to die

given that they were missing something ESSENTIAL, given that

they were ANTI-LIFE. Of course, in the book they CHOSE this

orientation, and that's one area where SubGenius thought

diverges somewhat...


We of the SubGenius hold that there is a vast creeping

malevolent insidious force, a PINKNESS, that induces and

upholds that ANTI-LIFE orientation, perverting from within so

that its victims cannot judge any values save through

CONformity, through what they think they SHOULD do or say or

think. They seek NORMALITY as the highest value; they WANT to

be kind, caring, good people but are acting from the

orientation of BRAINDEATH, and inevitably get very

uncomfortable around those who do not seek the average, the

accepted, the normal. And then they start SMITING. Those of

us who by virtue of fortunous Yeti birth alone, or intent, or

SOMETHING, those of us who have known their SMITING all of our

lives yet refused to succumb to BRAINDEATH, those of us who

are "different" are NOT looking for an UNDERSTANDING of what

the situation really IS, oh nono, for we have always known

what the situation IS. What we needed is a WEAPON that we can

use to SMITE BACK, to MOCK their very fear of LIFE ITSELF, to

OPPOSE their view of splendor which is the CDA, the Drug War,

the need for government PERMISSION to throw a PARTY...


You see the situation, Jaffo; you've seen it and railed about

it and WANT to change it, you've applied your energies to

raising awareness that the People In Power are corrupt and

have lately contemplated the idea that perhaps they are even

(gasp!) EVIL destroyers. But what if your energies have been

misguided? What IF the things you fear are TRUE but your

efforts are actually FUELING their CONTROL? What if you've

failed to identify what's REALLY going on? I mean, OK so you

see that the baseline philosophy being promoted by the

MereHumes is, technically, FUCKED. And you see, Jaffo, that

the proponents and dupes of this philosophy are ANTI-LIFE and

both WANT and DESERVE to DIE. And now you are beginning to

see with the new Menken-vision that 1) THEY want YOU to be

MISERABLE as well; and 2) You enjoy the application of HUMOR

to the situation, something basically missing in, well say



And here is the very crux of the biscuit - somewhere, for some

reason, someone wants you to be miserable; worse, actually,

because you begin to suspect that they want you to take an

active role in your own misery, and worse still, because you

may begin to suspect that it's not just the BAD GUYS who

seem to want this... Think about it, Jaffo - what would they

have you do with YOUR life, Jaffo? Well SURE the government

wants to take, by force, 36% of your earnings and PISS IT

AWAY on ANTI-LIFE programs. But have you ever heard the

phrase "As miserable as an Objectivist on Tax Day"?


These are supposed to be the Good Guys, but what effect have

they had on YOUR life? Oh sure, they provide a nice template

to judge others, a nice Protective Wall that you can throw up

to keep out the 1) Moochers, 2) Mystics, 3) Looters, and 4)

Thugs, and even a personal Church Service where you can

identify the Oneness of all four in a philosophy that makes

sense. And sadly enough, although the Good Guys have fostered

the expansion of Understanding and Personal Growth and maybe

even Imbue a sense of Purpose, they completely ignore the most

important Value a person could ever have --Slack.


That's right, Jaffo, BOTH sides in the battle just kinda

forgot to mention that one little aspect of Slack, and you

know what? You can't even BLAME either side because they are

BOTH controlled by the CON. That's right, the CONSPIRACY

that wants YOU and ME to simply quit, give up thoughts of

LIFE, do your job, retire, and march quietly forward into the

slaughterhouse (or at least to be unhappy and unfulfilled

while we're on this planet). Bitch about the system, go

ahead, so long as you are Bitching THEY are WINNING because...

it is THAT that They are after. And it is THAT that YOU hand

them on a platter.


And it is precisely THAT that the SubGenius and NO ONE ELSE

can battle, because WE have "Bob".


What can ANY political system do to actually change the

system so long as the vast voting majority are EVIL, as you

well accept the ANTI-LIFE position to be? The O'ists provide

a great BEGINNING when they advocate OPENING your EYES and

RECOGNIZING that the world you see is REALLY THERE. OK, good

start. Recognize that the Mind can be Trusted to identify

reality. But can the Mind do it's Job with CONspiracy

Tentacles MUCKING AROUND in your very grey matter?


To a point, I guess. The CON *WILL* let you see how BAD

things are, the CON *WILL* hammer your SOUL with example

after example of reasons to be HOPELESS. But the very fact

that it is the CON *LETTING* you see these things that MUST

be addressed. And only the SubGenius MindBreak (tm)

technology can REALLY allow one to Hack your own Code and



You trust your senses to tell you that existence exists, but

HOW do you REALLY recognise a Sense of Life? Take Fire - it

grows, it consumes, it gives off waste, it uses oxygen, it

travels, it can reproduce itself by sparks, it dies...

is it ALIVE? How can you tell? What is the distinguishing

characteristic that determines LIFE, especially in the O'ist

view that many PEOPLE you meet are ANTI-LIFE, are not ALIVE

beyond simple existance.


And this thing you have about music. Let me tell you

something, Jaffo - go to ANY culture on earth and the people

there will identify certain musical passages as intrinsically

inspiring sadness (pathos), happiness, anger, inspiring Love.

Display the musical waveforms (freq. vs. time) and you will

see that the waveforms are distinct and easily identified

(sad is a slow ramp up curve, anger a sharp spike, etc.) NOW

rig up a pressure sensor to a button, and ask people from ANY

culture to emote "sadness" then push on the button, to emote

"anger" and then push on the button...The waveshapes

generated by plotting pressure vs. time match the musical

waveshapes associated with the various emotions. In ALL

cultures. When a symphony conductor leads a two hour concert

piece night after night and the performances are identical in

time to a few seconds, and the conductor says that he is

causing the passages to conform to the emotions that they

were intended to create based on the conductor's own

emotions, well is this not a good place to begin to

objectively study musical appreciation, perhaps suggesting

that there IS an intrinsic and concrete association between

music and the feelings inspired?


Maybe not. But still, the mind sometimes rejects the

POSSIBILITIES, as I suspect you at first were QUITE sure that

music appreciation is strictly subjective but now suspect

that even if my example does not wash, it suggests that it

MIGHT be possible to study the phenomonum in another way.

This is NOT the SubGenius Mindbreak (tm) technique, but simply

some examples of how things MIGHT be different than they

appear. For REAL MindBreak (tm) you must CHOOSE to actively

participate in the process, not merely read stuff, and THEN

the travel to the SubGenius walled city in Dobbstown for

training, probably.


You accept when you see a rock that there IS a rock there,

Jaffo, and THEY will ALLOW that. You can recognize

intangibles as well. You can identify Love, identify Justice.


behind a person's choice of the ANTI-LIFE orientation, the

PINKNESS that tells a person to NOT make waves, the PINKNESS

that rewards conformity and punishes individuality. No, it's

not a color, no more than a particle in physics is

"charming", but BY DOBBS it's THERE! LOOK at it sapping the

very aliveness from it's victims!



ALIVENESS is the disinguishing characteristic of a SubGenius

scion of the Atlantean Yeti, but this characteristic is

precisely what the CONspiracy is trying to stifle, and

precisely what YOU, Jaffo, need to be able to identify if you

are to FIGHT the forces of the CON. It is NO DELUSION that

the method most often used by the CON is to show you JUST

ENOUGH truth, CLEAR enough (and CORRECT enough, to a point)

logic to inspire YOU to focus on that which saps your OWN

vitality, or at least allows you to spin your wheels without

changing the basic situation one jot.



And THAT is what the CON is all about, stiffling the

aliveness, keeping one helpless to change the system while

STEALING ALL YOUR SLACK. It doesn't MATTER to the CON whether

you are working with the Good Guys or the Evil Guys as long

as you are LOSING SLACK. You may have noticed that the basic

system has NOT gotten any BETTER in the last several decades

despite the best efforts of many many dedicated people. Why?

And you may have noted how many dedicated people eventually

"burn out" and give up. Why? Perhaps their efforts, their

very best efforts, are aimed at the WRONG target. Perhaps

you've even noticed that the SubGenii haven't changed the

world either...but WE WON'T TALK ABOUT THAT until AFTER July



What is the best way to fight the CON then? Well, STOP

FEEDING IT YOUR SLACK is a good place to start, and the ONE

thing that no on else wants you to realize. Hell, you can SEE

that the government, the schools, the job, the churches, etc

are run by the ANTI-LIFE forces who want you controlled and

miserable. And you can SEE that those who are actively

identifying the REAL situation seem to be missing the HUMOR,

the IRONY that the truly SlackFilled generate as a matter of

course, like Menken or Clemmons excelled at. Is THEIR way

BETTER just because it is True, just because it is based on

something Real? Or could the SubGenius Way of MOREREALITY

potentially be a BETTER WEAPON with a tighter focus to apply

more precisely? It is a DELUSION to suppose that the

CONSPIRACY can be beaten by RECOGNISING it, if that

recognition does not THREATEN it, if the CON itself PROGRAMS

people to be MISERABLE when they recognise the slow

smoldering of Lives Wasted?


On the other hand, the CONspiracy wants you to NOT realize

that there is Slack ALL AROUND YOU if you will only recognise

it and actively GRAB it. And the conspiracy wants you to NOT

realize that the calm rational explanations of irreducable

philosophical primaries may not have any effect save

frustration of the explainer, while the MOCKERY and the


scares the SHIT out of the ANTI-LIFE forces and GENERATES

SLACK for the SubGenius, while possibly SNAPPING the Latent

out of their CON-imposed STUPOR. Which is really the better



Jaffo, this is NO JOKE.


And as far as judging out fellow inhabitants of this planet,

remember that the SubGenius DNA is spread thinly throughout

the population so that EVERY nationality is represented. No

matter HOW different they may LOOK, there exists at least the

POSSIBILITY that one might be a Latent SubG and therefore

having INTRINSIC WORTH, at least until they show themselves

to be hopelessly Pink. It is A Latent SubGenius may be so

good at blending into the vast MereHume horde that sheit may

give no recognisable signs; worse, they may have been so beaten

down by the CON that the ALIVENESS is muted and dying. Once

you learn to SEE this (pstench it out, actually) you will

realize that there is a HELL of alot more potential out there

than expected. And when you meet a SubGenius Mystic or a

SubGenius Thug (or moocher or looter) you will AT LEAST be

able to acknowledge them as having more VALUE than a HUMAN

Mystic or a HUMAN Thug (or moocher or looter). And there can

be a LOT of Slack in THAT.



Yes, the weapon is real, and the Luck that flows to those

close to "Bob" is real as well, and JHVH-1 says we MUST

party, and all those space aliens and the story that Humans

were created to generate pain and anguish and suffering to

feed the Elder Gods sure as hell starts to make SENSE once

you begin to SEE. The Yeti were not created to generate pain

and anguish and turmoil; we do not find THAT to be a proper

way to live.


Since I must leave my air conditioned "job" (yes, I get PAID

to write to the NG since I found "Bob") I'll also post an

Ivan Stang post that continues these sentiments and is FAR

better written, but don't miss my .sig - I think you'll like



On a last note, I must confess that there is no HUMOR in this

post at all, and there is a hell of a lot of humor in

alt.slack that says far more far better. But I didn't write

this for humor, for clarity, or even with any realistic

chance of opening your eyes to the Greater Truths of the

SubGenius Bullshit. Truthfully, this is the first chance I've

had to write in several weeks and I was writing for my own

Slack. I won't even re-read it.



WE are the people who love our lives, Jaffo.

And we will accept no less than True Slack.

FUCK them if they can't take a JOKE.


Rev. Random the Other


"They don't know what Slack is (they can't know, even if you

explain it to them), but they know that you are actually

ENJOYING your life to some degree, and they find that

incomprehensible. A Pink can enjoy a situation, or a

vacation, but not LIFE itself..."

- Purple Kitty (He's BAAAACK!)