Subject: flowers? for algernon? hell NO, aigs, aigs for lurch!!!

Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 00:13:11 -0600

From: "kevbob" <>

Organization: end of the beginning

Newsgroups: alt.slack


i woke with a start, a bad dream sweat pool making me sticky and hot, can;t

sleep THAT way, can i?


coffee, coffee helps, but, the institutions coffee is not the coffee i like.


no, not really.


it was a simple misunderstanding, but, really, aren;t they all? isn;t

everything simple, when you get right down to it? it either is or it isn';t.

and it's is-ness depends on how others see the situation, doesn;t it. it

doesn;t matter WHAT happened, it matters what SEEMS to have happened.


but, through self-pity lies madness, and i, well, i can;t sleep.


i woke, i woke like any other morning. i was sarariman, like the herd about

me. mooooving with the herd, rock the boat? never! i couldn;t swim, let

alone see the ocean that surrounded me. no, i put my suit on, ate my

McMuffin, and went to work, just like everyone else.


how was _I_ supposed to KNOW there was any other way??


the day passed like every other day before it, until i arrived home for the



"it only happens to other people". hell, i;d heard that so much, i didn;t

even parse it any more. but a sprained ankle, the flu, a door ding, that's

what you hear about.


what they LET you hear about.


the gentlemen waiting for me upon my return, they didn;t even say a word.

the gas was upon me, and i was in this cell.


the questioning was a mere formality, the case had already been tried. we

live in quite the efficient society, don;t we? the police have NEVER

arrested an innocent man, woman, child, or baby. if you weren;t guilty,

they wouldn;t notice you.


hell, i didn;t even know the crime i "committed" even EXISTED!!!!!

"Possession of Contraband, First Degree".




contraband, i said, CONTRABAND??? how could i have contraband?? i've shopped

at WalMart my ENTIRE life, i've never even been INSIDE a TARGET!! how could

i have contraband????


they put a foam container down on the table, opened it up, and showed me 11

round white things.


there was silence, and i wore the face of the innocent, but then, that

didn;t matter, since i had already been found guilty.


i don;t know who put the contraband into my apartment, or why, but it was

there, and that was enough nowadays.


possession of illegal genetic material was punishable by life imprisonment

or death, depending on the circumstances. the fact that one of the eggs was

missing, almost got me the death penalty, but they did a full tox screen on

me, and there was no evidence of the remains of the 12th within my

apartment, that they felt i was stable enough for the work camp.


eggs, EGGS??? i didn;t even know they still existed! hells bells, i almost

thought they were a fairy tale the biology teachers made up to scare us!

like ulcers, farms, and sex!!


so now, now i man the furnaces.




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