Subject: Re: Church of the New Order

Date: 1 Aug 1998 13:43:58 GMT

From: "kevbob" <>

Organization: end of the beginning

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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Rev. Edward Strange <> wrote in article


> I have seen more of you jump to defend

> the tender feelings of some poor self diluted sucker than I have lift

> even one finger to do the job this church was custom built accomplish..

> What most SubGenii don't understand is that it was never about

> aliens their imaginary saucers or the goddammed plastic head that is

> J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. Thats right, a sham, a plywood storefront, superficial

> eyecandy that protected an infant church from being taken seriously and

> thusly crushed.

> You can be healed children. But you have to stop using the Church of

> the SubGenius as a fallout shelter. You need to use the church to build

> a suit of armor woven of Slack and thick skin.



the problem with walls built around yourself, sir, is that as much as you

plan them, as much as you scheme and desire to have them work the way you

want them to,


they have a nifty habit of building themselves.








nothing in.


nothing out.


is that your church?


the church of the one man all alone, not able to feel a thing?


and by the time those walls do crumble, and more than likely, crumble in

upon the one they were "protecting", who will be there to say, "hey man,

you ok?"


noone will, because you will have alienated every one in your church.


sure, telling someone that they are "ok" is weak and faggy and sorry-assed.


suck it up.


sometimes you have to protect them, lest they crumble into dust.


how many pinkboy condupe blah blah blah's are actually burn-outs? how many

of them would have been good and decent people, if it weren't for the fact

that they had been presented with a stark reality too often, too quickly?


you wanna sit in yer little castle and fire shells at people,


go ahead,


but you may find yourself on a barren battlefield. and once you've won,


what will be your prize?




the middle engulfs you.