Subject: Re: Church of the New Order

Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 22:55:23 GMT

From: (Jahweh Lynch) Organization:The Amnerican Forever, Etc. Newsgroups: alt.slack

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Thus spake Rev. Edward Strange:


>The reason I joined this church in the first place was because I >thought

the world as a whole needed to lighten up. Now I'm sorry to say >that is

the church to lighten up. The evil cloak of political >correctness has

shaded your eyes from the light of truth.


"Political correctness" is itself a politically correct buzzword. To use

it seriously is to call damnation upon yourself.


> Gone are the days when SubGenius brother defended SubGenius brother >from

the tyranical hand of the Conspiracy.


Oh, yeah, Ed. A great job you've done defending your SubGenius brethren

from the hands of the Conspiracy. Going around insulting them for PULLING

THE WOOL OVER THEIR OWN EYES- for SUBGENIUS behavior- that's solidarity all

the way, man. Sure thing.


Of course, the very idea that there WERE days when SubGenius brother

defended SubGenius brother from ANYTHING is outright laughable. We're a

cadre of paranoid loners who don't trust anyone or anything, least of all

each other.


> The modern SubGenius seems >more concerned about protecting thier self

esteem from the criticism of >stark realists than they are about the GUN


more of you jump to defend >the tender feelings of some poor self diluted

sucker than I have lift >even one finger to do the job this church was

custom built accomplish.. > > TEAR DOWN THE WALLS !!! ALL THE FUCKING



Ed, are you sure you and I are in the same Church? The Church I'm in says,

"Relax in the safety of your own delusions". I'm not out to destroy the

Conspiracy. You want stark realism? It can't be done. There is no way in

hell you are going to tear down the walls; hell, it's highly unlikely that

you'll tear down ANY of the walls. The most you can manage is to get

yourself killed in the process.


If there's one thing I've learned from this Church it's that no one person

has a claim on "Objective Reality", and that the people to claim to are

usually the most deluded of them all. You seem to relish questioning

everybody's taboos and assumptions EXCEPT FOR YOUR OWN.


You're a strong and devoted warrior in the battle against the Conspiracy,

and that's a good thing. But perhaps you ought to take a tip from the

folks who helped define the battle against the Conspiracy- the Muslims.

Without their Jihad, would our struggle today be as strong? I doubt it.


What few people- especially Muslims- realize about Jihad is that there are

two forms of Jihad- the lesser Jihad and the greater Jihad. The lesser

Jihad is the Jihad we all know and love- death to blasphemers and enemies

of Allah. The greater Jihad, however- ah, the greater Jihad. The greater

Jihad is the struggle against yourself- it is the struggle against delusion

and ignorance sown by the enemies of Allah. Before you can conquer the

world, first you must conquer that which you seek to defeat in yourself.


I hope this is of assistance to you.