Subject: Re: Church of the New Order

Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 14:29:38 -0400

From: Steve Slack <>

Organization: Storm The Reality Asylum

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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Rev. Edward Strange wrote:


[general disgust at the feeb infestation snipped for brevity]

I was talking to a friend of the jelloheaded wanks mentioned

in a previous post. He has a show on cable access where he

has people TALK about DOING RADIO, instead of DOING whatever

they were going to do on the radio ON the cable access show!!

I told him TO HIS FACE that he was wasting his resources.

And he's not even talking about pirate stuff, clandestinely,

to get his feet wet or get the message or whatever OUT NOW.

No, he wants a KPFA-WFMU type station to magically FALL

like MANNA FROM HEAVEN into his LAP. He's AFRAID that if

he goes pirate and gets caught it will spoil his chances of

doing this 'real' station of which he has NO IDEA of where

to get funding for it.


And I've dealt with many an armchair musician who will not

lift a finger to do anything beyond diddling with their

tape recorders UNLESS some A&R or other such type steps up



These parables are given as an analogies {ANAL-LOG-ENTER-IES}

of the current mental state of a signifigant number of

characters who call themselves SubGeniuses.


Well, since the carrot didn't work, now here's the stick.


I for one and sick beyond death of the asexual Crispin Glover

wannabees. Even more so 'cause I used to be one. In fact,

I used to be exactly like Lynch! Disgusting, huh?


Kids, there's NO PRIDE in being a GEEKASAURUS REX. It's a

FALSE PATH. It also cuts into the Church's sales potential!

I don't want any SubOrdinated novices to follow my footsteps,

unless they're masochists. Crossdressing lesbian masochists

in men's bodies, perhaps, but the rest of you, CROSS NOT



You thought this church would protect you from the schoolyard

bullies that grew up and became your bosses, businessmen,

barflies, booking agents, and other authoritarian pukes.


You thought WE would fight your battles for you. Glossed over

the information provided for you to strengthen yourself.


And now you think HANGING OUT in a damn clubhouse scenario

is gonna SAVE you.


Mabye we need to kill 'Bob' for GOOD this time.


Or mabye one of his flesh puppets ... hmmm ....


Reading material? You want reading material?!?!!


Henry Miller. Jim Goad. Anton LaVey.


Bludgeon yourself into higher evolution.


Yeah, it's a world full of cruel rotten shits. WHAT ARE YOU

GONNA DO ABOUT IT?! Be a dweeb who can't discern pacifism from


Please, what a waste.


Kiddies, we can't give you a hermetically sealed paradise.

We're not your parents. And we got our OWN horseshit to



If you wanna whine about the $30, fine. I think of it as

the APPLICATION fee that enables you to take the BAR EXAM

at 'Bob's' School of Unnatural Law. And you can take it

as many times as you like, until you PASS.