Subject: Re: Truth, Lies and Duck Tape

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 00:00:21 GMT

From: (Old Friendly Cliff)

Organization: Netcom On-Line Services

Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors, alt.society.neutopia, alt.slack, alt.smokers

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On Sun, 14 Jun 1998 14:04:14 GMT, (Jahweh D. Lynch)



>Thus spake Old Friendly Cliff:


>> It is refreshing to discourse with mere irrationality and alien visitors for

>>a change -- antis (read "Nazi"s) are ever so much more unpleasant.


>> At least places like alt.slack and alt.alien.visitors realize the existence,

>>and even the right to exist, of the unexpected, or the different from

>>themselves. Sometimes, perhaps wrongly, they put some moral attachment to some

>>thing that is strange to them; but for the most part they seem to revel in

>>differentness and diversity, as befits healthy, intelligent, life-confirming



>> The antis, on the other hand, are venom-spewing zombies, spouting

>>imprecations and curses at all who are happier than they. Antis range from

>>formula maggots, everywhere spoiling all they touch, to anally obsessed

>>cretins and juveniles.


>> Observe them, ye from other worlds, and laugh your asses off at them. By

>>their cries and shrieks ye shall know them: "Don't pay it", "suck your butts",

>>"take a lot of money", "my wife has a hole in her goozle", "yur tungoe is



>Cliff, man, I'll give you a good ol' hearty "Amen!" to that. We SubGenii

>know what it's like to be hunted down and killed by dogmatic fundamentalist

>lunatics, and it's a fate I wouldn't wish on anyone. When we SubGenii hunt

>down and kill people, we make it FUN, and that makes all the difference.




Thank you for the kind words. It is a first for ne to thank Jahweh for

anything. I appreciate your traditionality in allowing for the existence of

others akin to yourself. That, and a sense of humor, are sadly lacking in so

many ethos.



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