Subject: Regarding Nully's Bikini and More

Date: 05 Sep 1998 18:29:00 PDT

From: Pee Kitty <>

Organization: Dobbstown Sane Asylum

Newsgroups: alt.slack,, alt.slack.devo

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In alt.slack Brian Christopher Robinson <> wrote:

> I think in a way that Nully's message has been misconstrued. The

> point is I've always been fascinatedby her body, and when we used to go

> swimming, I always wished she had a bikini to wear. But she was afraid

> to get one. Now she has one AND she's said she'll go swimming with me in

> front of all the slick Floridian college kids living in my complex. I

> think that's something to be proud of, rather than be berated for. I'm

> proud of you, honey!


I don't think it was misconstrued - I think a lot of people were replying

more to the meta-thread of occasional posts that Nully has made about her

size and self image, more than this actual one post itself. I was.


I really do think it's great that she's doing it - wearing a bikini with

apprehension is the middle step between refusing to wear one, and wearing

one with pride and power. I'm saving the REALLY loud cheers for when she

hits that last step though, for it is the state at which she has truly

managed to throw the Con out of her mind and revel in who she IS, and what

she IS (i.e., better than most people and damn proud of it)!


That's why the tough love approach...telling someone bluntly and clearly

where the *real* problem lies, in an open and caring manner, does people a

lot more good than just cuddling them. Someone has to cuddle. I nominate

you, Brian, seeing as how you spend a lot of time naked in bed with her

and all that. But forcing someone's head into an awkward position can be

the best thing in the world, if that position lets them see the root of

the problem. Nully's problem isn't being overweight. Her problem is

letting the JUDGMENT OF THE PINKS affect what she thinks, deep down

inside, of her SELF.


All of us - ALL of us - have to compromise in some way, every day, to live

in this Human world. It might be something as "reasonable" as not lashing

out and killing every Pink who deserves it. It might be something as

unreasonable as having to pretend your boss's stupid jokes are funny, or

pretending you're a judeochristiamuslimwhatever. Doesn't matter - it

amounts to us, the once proud and noble Yeti, cowtowing in SOME way to the

wishes of the 'majority'. Fine.




Fine, I can deal with that. You can, too. We all do. They invade our life,

place stupid demands on it, and say we stink because they've got dogshit

up their nose and refuse to believe it ain't us. FINE.


But there's one place they CAN'T go. One place they CANNOT defile. One

place they cannot TOUCH unless YOU LET THEM! That is your MIND, brothers

and sisters! Within your SOUL, within your TRUE SELF, where the truth lies

bare and thousands of Pinks have been killed again and again in your head

even as they walk the streets outside of it, you have TOTAL DOMAIN.


They can ONLY get in there and fuck up your mind if you LET THEM.


As a slave, I cannot rebel, or I should surely die. Unless I rebel in my

MIND. I cannot show my hate, except in my MIND. I must give in to their

whims, but not in my MIND. I am not a slave. I am a free man, waiting for



But on the day that I let them into my mind...that day when I let their

contempt for me affect how I feel about MYSELF...that day when I choose

not only to act, but to THINK like them, that I may fit in better...that

day when I accept their truisms about life and that their facts are facts

and it's just the way things are and I might as well just grow up and

learn to accept it and it starts to sound just fine to me...on THAT day,

I am truly a slave.


I will NEVER be a slave.


I will never let YOU - ANY of you - become enslaved unless you truly wish

it. I will fight for you, on your side, mentally...even if that means I

fight AGAINST you, against the Pinkness that has invaded your mind, until

you truly push me out and accept Them. Perhaps they'll allow you to be a

house nigger if you just stop sneering, just lower your standards a

little, just be "reasonable"....


If and when that happens, I shall shed my tears from afar, and only in my

mind. And come X-Day, I shall put you out of your misery, and honor your

memory with a sadness and joy that only a Yeti can.


Be free, brethren. Be free.




Rev. Pee Kitty, of the order Malkavian-Dobbsian



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