Subject: Re: You may already be dead

Date: 13 Sep 1998 00:46:49 PDT

From: Pee Kitty <>

Organization: Dobbstown Sane Asylum

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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Reverend AmphibiousAssault <> spewed forth:

> Many people desperately WANT to do their own thing, but they are too

> freaking SCARED to be themselves. So, they lie, hide, and quiver in

> fear. Every hour. Of every day. Of their pathetic existence.


> But when they see someone who is ACTUALLY DOING what they only dream

> of...well, it's like a flame to a moth. They can't help but be attracted

> to it.


Oh, don't I know it. I think we all do...we outgoing, unashamed Subs have

all attracted a following of wishful Pinks, sometimes from afar, sometimes

right out in the open. SOME of them can actually get close enough to sniff

the Slack...'tis a heady brew, and one that attracts them, yet scares



> part.) But the JOY that PK refers to is short-lived. You can inspire

> even a Pink to greatness for a day, sometimes even for a week..but for a

> lifetime?? Forgetaboutit. Eventually, they go back to their Pink

> ways...and think less of you, because surely you MUST be conforming to

> something. Their little minds just can't accept anything else. are right, I fear. SO many Pinks that we've tried to help have

just slipped right back into the Pinkness, and actually become our enemies

in later months to come. Yet, YET, sometimes you will find a true latent

Sub in the group of Pinks, and that rare find makes it ALL worthwhile.


BTW, think I shoulda replied to the AOL guy? I could let him know that

I've freed myself from my mind a LONG time ago - we no longer coexist in a

jailer/slave relationship, but in a nice co-opt time share.




Rev. Pee Kitty, of the order Malkavian-Dobbsian



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