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Bjørnar Katon wrote in message <01bdee1e$b2121140$86d9d8c1@b.katon>...

>Intertesting. Here in Norway, Ive heard shots and screams of young people

>and children often accompanied by loud music and what sounds like sawmill

>saws in the dark in the evening.


Industrial saws are very in vogue; that's what the young folk like these



> The garbage dump has the last years been

>used for processing dangerous chemicals and is noted in one of the

>Norwegian national newspapers as one of the ten most environmentally

>dangerous areas in Norway. Ive been down there and I have some photographs

>of the area on my web site. I was at the site in January 98 when it was

>very cold, far below freezing. When I came down, I saw blinking torchlights

>and the like and heard people move through bushes but could not see them. I

>went to a steaming heap of strange refuse with small pieces of bone in it.

>My web site is about much more than this.




Aliens from space are at war with aliens from another dimension. These

extradims are NOT at war with anyone, but there are certain unsavory

activities they don't permit. Our planet has an affinity for these beings,

and as a direct result so do we. The celts call them Sidhe. The Marcabs

(whom we call Grays) do not understand the Sidhe, so they resent and fear

them, particularly the Sidhe that your own culture call the Elle. What you

hear in the night are groups of Elle being attacked by Grays. The Grays

destroy the bodies of the Elle then slink away feeling very smug, having

microwaved, nanoblasted, and otherwise obliterated all but a few bone shards

of the Elle. This is a minor inconvienince to the Elle, who are

transdimensional in their essence (as are we); what we do with reincarnation

they do with raw matter. They recorporealise, dance a while longer, then the

cops show up and they leave.


>Its about Nano-technology, how people including myself have been poisoned,

>how Ive been refused blood tests and treatment when I could barely walk. Im

>still alive today and Ive seen UFOs several times and strange spots moving

>through my appartment. They seem to divide up into smaller fragments as

>they move and are often black brown or glowing white. My guess is that its

>a form of nano-technology which the powers behind the UFOs must have

>developed to a very advanced level. It may infact be that Ive survived the

>poisoning (where I could actually taste the poisons in my food and drink)

>because of Nano technology.



You have heard the music of the old ones. The spots, or Lumens, are lesser

servitor spirits who's primary function is to shield you from alien (gray)

scanning. The Elle sent them to protect you... you may be part Elle. The

poison you taste is not in your food or drink, it's peritonitis. Brush and

floss after every meal and rinse with either mouthwash or hot salt water.


>My site discusses the possibility that Hitlers scientists were behind the

>UFOs and that Hitler was not a racist but simply had to react to the

>dangers of illoyal subjects getting information on his secret technologies.



Hitler was a dupe of the Grays and feared Jews because they could possibly

rebuild the Arc of the Covenant which allows them to make contact with the

Elle and other Sidhe, as well as the elemental Efreet, Djinn, Jann, and

Marids of the elemental dimensions. Because the arc is activated by specific

genetic coding, the only way he could keep it from being built and used was

to attempt to destroy ALL remaining descendants of Levi, one of the sons of

Jacob. Levi took a Yetynsyn (part Yeti) woman to wife " for her breasts were

large and round and of a fullness, and verily, she did crush casaba melons

with her prodigious silken thighs". It is the y-knot chromasone in all

descendants of this coupleing that Hitler feared. The biggest fear he had

was that some Jew would us the arc to contact 'h|h (yhvh) and use it's

teaching to achieve aleph-loop technomancy. This being is also called EAEHA,

"I AM" because it IS conciousness itself, and comes closer to our conception

of GOD than anything else we can concieve, althought I doubt IT sees itself

that way. Hitler thought his advisors and code breakers figured out that the

Torah is a big codebook on the geometry and math of cosmology and hence

conciousness, and how to percieve and intereact with higher-dimensional

spaces. He was half right; it was true but it wasn't his staff that

"discovered" this. The information was "leaked" to him by The NINE (more on

them later) as a warning of the futility and wastefullness of his endeavors.

As we know, he ignored it, and went on to serve his alien masters until they

abandoned him.


>I think he planned to lose the war because if he did not lose the war, a

>war of mass destruction would develop. The British has nerve gas and the

>biological agent Anthrax and the USA had the nukes.

>These would have been used had the war not progressed in a satisfactory way

>for the allies. Also, the Jews were segregated from the German population

>due to the security risk and many were killed however I believe its

>unlikely the real figure was above 400 000. I am no racist myself and I

>have a girlfriend from a muslim culture.


The actual figure would have been almost 8 million, had it not been for

W.A.C. Tech Talli and The Timeskid Kid, humans from an alternate dimension

sent by the earth herself to assist humanity and THE NINE. Operation: Tempus

Somnabulus managed to snatch a couple million Jews while still active, but

the remaining 6 million plus had to be transposed at the moment of death

(exchanged with a molecular level duplicate) and revived later. They now

work in the cities of Kuthuleth and Gorathia deep in the hollow earth,

maintaining the giant organic computers, temporal platforms, and stolen

deros (alluminum based {alien} lifeform cyborgs) for THE NINE. These same

cities were built by the ancient nar-lizards, who wiped each other out, then

were used later by the Grays as hidden bases. Rogue deros reconfigured

themselves and expelled the Grays around 10,000 years ago, then deactivated

themselves. THE NINE only reactivated the deros (they were responsible for

the dero uprising) when the Grays started their most recent earthside

campaign against the Elle, in 1927.


>The situation in Germany during WWII was very dangerous due to the fact

>that microfilms describing the German technology in detail could fall in

>the hands of the allies. I believe Hitlers Scientists secretly built bases

>perhaps under the sea, or in places well hidden from civilization and even

>in space.



Sort of. They built an underwater base near the site of Shuma Zamoria, what

the pre-mycean peoples called Atlantis, but having no understanding of

Dimension Gate

mechanics or protocols, were dismayed to find the entire installation

vanished before they could make use of it. You know the rules... find a rip,

stabilize it, and you're the keeper; as it happens, the Bermuda Gate,

Firstgate, is run by the second largest concious entity in the omniverse,

the near pan-dimensional being called The Leviathan.


>The allies knew of the German plan and Nazi Germany has been subject of a

>massive cover up since. The only reason Im still alive and well is that

>something is protecting me against the poisons which I often can even taste

>in my food and drink.



That something is Elle metatechnology. in the common parlance, Elven Magic.


>UFOs may use cloaking devices by the aid of holograms and never have to

>show themselves to civillians, even so me and many of my friends have seen




Their technology is all hardware based... their wetwares SUCK! Elle metatech

can be used to reveal the enemy to less sophisticated creatures (like

humans). The Grays never intentionally reveal themselves.


>My theory is that the Nazis are now returning with superior technology. So

>much so that even a war of mass destruction will not destroy the world or

>even be noticed by most people. However the psychopathic secret services of

>the world may have some hostages still hidden far underground near nukes

>and so the war is a secret services war where the psychopathic secret

>services play for time using their hostages and the Nazis are left without

>the use of the UFOs and heavy equipment in combat as long as there is still

>hope for the hostages.



Not quite. Few of the remaining nazis ever knew about the Grays, and most of

those work for the NSA. The only nazi who knew about them still around is

Hitler himelf, who's brain is kept alive in Kuthuleth for experimental



>Nano technology is a technology which if taken to its full potential may

>save the consciousness of a dead person and build up the body around the

>braincells elsewhere after death.


Not even close. Nanities can rebuild a body, but the mind is an

electromagnetic (energy) construct. The new brain generates it's own mind if

properly kick-started, but don't expect it to be the same person, even if

you can find a way to replicate the memory patterns. This is one of the many

things the Grays are trying to force the Elle to explain to them. The Grays

consider themselves ancient because they're among the oldest they recognise

as sapient in this galaxy... many of the Elle are far older than our

universal supergroup... some are older than the local multiverse strata.

They are directly alligned to system subfunctions, or what humans call

archangels. The Grays are stagnant and in decline because they devoted their

conciousness to linear thought and hardware, considering matter to be the

essential seat of "reality". The Elle are blatantly in violation of the

"laws of physics" and so are both an abomination AND a possible source of

long unrealised advancement to the Grays. Please note the Elle have

explained everything,, including their metatechnology, to the Grays, but the

Grays insist it's nonsense, and that the Elle must be mocking them.


> The US military is bound to have some

>ability in the area and they definitely have the ability to cloak secret

>service agents by the use of holographic projections. I believe the



Holography is a VERY poor way to do that. Photogravitics is far more



>russians who are known to have many secret science cities in Siberia may be

>co operating with the Nazis recieving technology and producing weapons for

>the Nazis in the world. Everything is still held back from the population

>by both sides because should the truth come out the chaos that would follow

>will be against the interests of both sides however at some point the truth

>will be widely known.



Within the next 200 to 400 years, our prana index should be cleaned out

enough to allow THE NINE to transmit the basics of their metatech to

humanity in an understanddable form. Reincarnant memories will be easily

recalled, and everyone is going to feel damn silly; not only that, we'll

think the poor ol Grays are pretty pathetic. All the bad and scary men who

thought they were mighty will know that sadism is a dellusional control

mania, and that the so-called horrors they have wrought are nothing more

than pinches and pokes to remind us to be compassionate in our new forms.


>My web site:




>The history of the masses is the only history.


>Documentation never was evidence.

>The truth is out there, just take a look!


There is no history, only popular and unpopular versions about some things

some people think happened, and the only static truth is that interval is





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