Subject: Don't cheer up, Dave. Stomp it flat and cheer OVER it.

Date: 17 Feb 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

Organization: MotPU: Where Binary Moodswings are ALWAYS on the Menu

Newsgroups: alt.slack






The following is more self-indulgent banal blather, but I'm not gonna

apologize. So there.


Dave, I'm not going to tell you or anybody else that everything's

gonna be JUST FINE. I'm striving to NEVER say that again to another

adult, because it's just one of those benevolent lies, like "Santa

will find you."


Just yesterday I howled with appreciation while da Rev was reminding

me why he fears the birthing room. See, most women these days want the

father in the room to pat their hands and mop their brows and lie like

mad, so that later they can report, "OH! He was SO WONDERFUL!" But you

see, the last time we were together in a similar situation, he patted

my hand and said, "Everything's gonna be JUST FINE." At that point, I

pretty much ripped his head off. How could he SAY that? Was he a

DOCTOR or an ACTUAL PSYCHIC? Was he paying ATTENTION? Something was

VERY WRONG, and even if it didn't KILL ME this time, sooner or later

it was gonna be completely NOTFINE. He didn't deserve this of course.

But it's a big enough peeve of mine to form a larger sort of MEGAPEEVE

from whence rage will froth.


I do believe that terror is perfectly natural, packing it in little

terror-absorbing peanuts of faith, romance and feigned understanding

is perfectly natural too. But really, it's just stalling and making

sure that you are completely unprepared for the events that will strip

you naked and point a big old floodlight on your isolation.


(I'm not talking about alien abductions, but I guess that would make a

nice literal example of the times when no amount of hand-holding

company is going to be more helpful than a dixie cup on a sting in the

middle of the sea. Unless of course, you've slathered yourself very

thoroughly with lies in advance, and are absolutely convinced that you

packed a walkie-talkie to GOD in the row boat with you. Or



So, SURE, you're worried. You SHOULD be paranoid. You should also be

ready for anything. Everything is NOT gonna be just fine, but YOU

might be.


Keep your balls, okay? Sanity is strictly optional.




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